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Food Prep–It’s a Must!

Dear Body Buds, Food prep is a staple part of life that shouldn’t be ignored if you really want to create lasting health and prevent or even manage disease. Over the past few years of my life since the inception of Body Buddies, I have learned through my own experience, and that of my clients that the ONE thing separating success in body changes and frustration is, yep, food prep. Life is not always generous in delivering us hours upon hours to luxuriate in a 4-hour meal prep. I, myself, am lucky to find even 75 minutes each week to prep some of my staples. Staples–yes, that is the key. Some weeks I go without making one of my delicious recipes (click here to see the recipes found in Volumes 1, 2 and 3), and stick to fast-grab foods. Other weeks I enjoy a recipe or two and appreciate the time in...


The Power Foods Lifestyle on a $40/week Budget

Dear Body Buds, Living a healthy lifestyle can seem to be far more expensive than buying cheap and delicious fast food or low-grade packaged products. This is a concern I hear often from people who are trying to live the Power Foods Lifestyle, but find their budget is taking a hit. I have lived on a minimal budget for the majority of my life. I empathize with those who feel they are pinching pennies in order to make it from bill to bill and month to month. It is a difficult place to be, and a lot of stress accompanies this way of life. Budgeting is the key to truly make things work and have a healthy lifestyle as well! In order to help you gain some insight about ways to live the Power Foods Lifestyle on a budget, I decided to do a week of meals to show you it can absolutely...