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How to Reduce Headaches Naturally

Whether you experience a throbbing ache, migraines, or cluster headaches, this blog post is for you! An aching head makes for a miserable day. And if you are not feeling well, it’s difficult to show up as your best self in all you do. In this blog post and my most recent podcast episode, I will walk you through some very important conversations and thoughts. I want you to look at your health life and ask yourself some questions to find the answer of how to prevent your headaches. If you can see how it the mind and body are all connected, then perhaps you will believe you can DO something to start preventing pain. Actions to work on the root cause, rather than treating symptoms only, is where you’ll find the lasting solution. You have control over your life. You can find the Root Cause of your symptoms and start...


The Strategic Day of Nutrition–15 Principles (Podcast Episode #197)

When we think about healthy eating and nutrition, we think in terms of all-or-nothing. We think ‘I’ll do good today, this week, and this month,’ but if we don’t follow through (counting macros, calories, etc.) we tend to abandon those efforts. And this results in feeling like a failure. I came up with the Strategic Day to help guide our Body Buddies to make wiser decisions to fuel their bodies AND stop abandoning healthy efforts for the sake of it being ‘too hard’ and ‘overwhelming.’ I asked myself, ‘What can I do to help people without making them feel they’re restricting themselves or feeling like they’re on a diet?’ The Strategic Day is 15 Principles is exactly what your body needs for health. You may find if you hit these principles every day, you are full and you DON’T need that non-strategic food. You don’t need it because you’re fueled....


How to Get Vibrant Energy Naturally (Episode #196)

Are you experiencing brain fog, fatigue, a less-than-stellar memory, and other troublesome factors in your life? This could most definitely be DUE TO YOUR NUTRITION! In this FREE masterclass episode, Kristy Jo will help you learn how to obtain vibrant Energy & Stress Relief in 4 Simple Steps. You will learn how to say goodbye to the sluggish feeling in your body in less than two days! The right way to get feeling better quickly instead of what the MARKETING world will tell you Which fats to eat without getting fat Create better brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) How to still enjoy yummy treats without ruining your health …WITHOUT weighing food, counting calories, etc! Let’s find a STRATEGIC solution and take control. Yes, everyone has conditions that cause them distress and frustration—we are all human. But what we can do is seek to find a solution and take ownership of our situation while leaving behind...