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Muscle Cramps and Electrolytes

Do you experience muscle cramps at night? Or perhaps during or after a workout? Perhaps you’re experiencing one of the following symptoms of imbalanced electrolytes: Headaches, dry skin, dizziness, or irregular heartbeat. The good news is these symptoms can be easily remedied. The bad news is that many people do not remedy them, and experience these symptoms that lead to a less-than-optimal life, and even early death. Learn more in Body Buddies Podcast Episode #173: Imbalanced Electrolytes. What are Electrolytes? Electrolytes are a substance that produces an electronically conducting solution when dissolved in water. Electrolytes are essential for managing the body’s fluid balance. The main four electrolytes include magnesium, sodium, potassium, and calcium. Who Is at Risk for Imbalanced Electrolytes? Those who use diuretics Those who exert themselves a lot Those who are sick and vomiting Those who are sick and have diarrhea Those who have experienced trauma Those with excessive...


Episode #152: “Enhance Your Fitness by Thinking Outside the Box” with Chris Kidawski

In Episode #152 of the Body Buddies Podcast with Chris Kidawski, you’ll get inspired to avoid making mistakes and start taking action! You will learn in this interview mindsets behind getting to the gym and getting motivated, the biggest mistakes people make in the gym and nutrition as well as exactly which machines to avoid in the gym. You will be inspired About Chris Kidawski: Facebook — Click Here LinkedIn — Click Here Twitter– Click Here Website– Click Here Bachelors in Social Science Masters in Kinesiology Strength coach for 18 years Trained Navy SEALs & professional athletes Over 8 certifications related to health and wellness Business owner for over three years Self-Published 2 books Speaker and presenter Chris Kidawski has been in the health and fitness profession for over 17 years now. His journey started in 1999 when he quit playing football for The University at Buffalo and decided if...


The Top 3 Bodyweight Exercises for TIGHT Summer Legs

Have you ever wanted tight summer legs that are toned, defined, and look GREAT in a swimsuit or shorts? Well, here’s the good news! Winter is the PERFECT time to be sculpting your gorgeous legs to reveal in the summer! Body Buds, we are all created in different shapes and sizes, and that is wonderful! I hope you are looking yourself in the eyes each day to compliment yourself, rather than tear yourself down. After all, fitness should be an empowering activity, not a self-denigrating one! As you are working on your own self-improvement both inside and out, here are a few tips for the outside! I LOVE strategically sculpting the muscles to shape them, then creating a chemical environment in my body to reduce body fat and actually SHOW the muscles. There isn’t a day that goes by where I am not soooo grateful for the Power Foods Lifestyle and...


Use A Resistance Band for Powerful Legs

Are you ready to build more powerful legs without all the pain in your back and knees? It’s time to use my favorite band–check out the different weights you can use with the link I’ve provided below! I’ve been integrating a resistance band into my training the past 6 months and seen some SERIOUS different in the power of my legs. Having a severe case of scoliosis but a burning passion for training has required me to think outside the box for helping my body function the best it can. The key for me to train my legs hard-core with very little pain has been three-fold: Decrease the weight I ever put directly on my spine. That means no weighted lunges, squats, deadlifts at all, and much lighter weight in pressing than usual. Use a resistance band  (this amazon link will take you to the exact one I use) to...


The Best Cardio for Burning Fat

Dear Body Buds, If only fat burn were as easy as putting a specific lotion on, then lighting a match and letting the fat melt right out of us. . . right? While fat burn isn’t quite that easy, it is a lot easier than most people make it out to be in their minds. I’d like to show you how easy it can be to get your body in fat burn, particularly which cardio methods help this happen the fastest. If you wish even more knowledge on the topic, you can listen to my podcast episode about it at the bottom of this post! The first place to look at traditional types of fitness training, then seek to understand their strengths and their weaknesses as it relates to achieving a goal of fat loss. While I have over 10 different styles of training that I offer training plans for in...