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The Top 12 Fast-Grab Foods for the Power Foods Lifestyle

Wouldn’t it be nice if I could teach you how to lose weight, improve digestion, and boost your metabolism without meal prepping? I can, and I will! You see, my life has been pretty hectic over the past few years. Not only have I moved to different cities almost every year for the past 6 years (hashtag #life + emoji palm-to-forehead), but I have kept my own lifestyle change going no matter what the circumstances. From teaching dance masterclasses and judging dance competitions, to traveling to speaking engagements, a long-distance relationship (that is now not long-distance–happy dance!) and house-sitting for family members overseas, my personal life has been a LOT to juggle. All on top of running Body Buddies as the online empire it has become. True Confessions: I’m not always my best.  It has been a tremendous learning curve of making the #PowerFoodsLifestyle happen 70%+ of the time, even without food...

Why Grass-Fed Beef Is Superior to Conventional Beef (STOP Buying It)

“Beef. It’s what’s for dinner . . . ” (here’s what they didn’t tell us). . . Without a doubt, grass-fed beef is growing in popularity due to not only taste, but proper education. In 2013, retail sales of grass-fed beef clocked in at over $400 million, which was staggering compared to only $5 million in sales in 1998.   Eating beef once per day in at the main meal (dinner) is what we were told for years during the American advertising campaign, paid for by the Beef Checkoff Program. While I agree this was a successful campaign when it comes to profits of the cattle industry, I do not agree with the slogan. Here at Body Buddies and the Power Foods Lifestyle, my job as a Mind and Body Strategist is to help you learn not only some important science, but to navigate your thoughts and application of behavior appropriately for your...

Holiday Gift Giving Guide for Body Buddies and the Health Conscious

Tis the season for gifting, so here’s what I’ll do I’ll list all my favorites for my health-minded crew! I’ll show pics and link them to where you can buy– on Amazon (where else) since Prime is so fly! Christmas is most definitely a wonderful time of year, though I’ll be honest–I will take the summer and the beach any day! As I get older each year (don’t we all, haha), I think life and seasons are truly about enjoying all times of the year and living in the present. When we stop  looking to tomorrow for pleasure and we stop reliving the past to conjure up memories of days gone by, we get to experience true bliss and presence. So as of right now, I’m HAPPY to be in December, to have fresh snow on the lawn, to be walking over icy crystals on the front walk and the...


Muscle Cramps and Electrolytes

Do you experience muscle cramps at night? Or perhaps during or after a workout? Perhaps you’re experiencing one of the following symptoms of imbalanced electrolytes: Headaches, dry skin, dizziness, or irregular heartbeat. The good news is these symptoms can be easily remedied. The bad news is that many people do not remedy them, and experience these symptoms that lead to a less-than-optimal life, and even early death. Learn more in Body Buddies Podcast Episode #173: Imbalanced Electrolytes. What are Electrolytes? Electrolytes are a substance that produces an electronically conducting solution when dissolved in water. Electrolytes are essential for managing the body’s fluid balance. The main four electrolytes include magnesium, sodium, potassium, and calcium. Who Is at Risk for Imbalanced Electrolytes? Those who use diuretics Those who exert themselves a lot Those who are sick and vomiting Those who are sick and have diarrhea Those who have experienced trauma Those with excessive...


You Can’t Ignore This Terrifying Fact About The Supplement Industry

Dear Body Buds, You may not be aware of just how shady the protein powder industry actually is. Perhaps you have walked into a GNC, Vitamin World, or Complete Nutrition and thought that all protein powders were created equally. Maybe you even thought you could get cheap protein at a Walmart, Target, or Costco and that you were one-upping the industry. So . . . did you REALLY save money? Or did you just put a lot of junk in your body? I want to give you a portion of my book that my editor took out. Apparently it was “too controversial” and I need to be known as the positive, uplifting girl in the fitness and nutrition industry. I am (I think? I hope?), but I also want to be known as telling the TRUTH. Here is the section of information that was cut from Chapter 5: Protein in...


Shredded Beef Stabilizes Blood Sugar for Fat Loss

Dear Body Buds, It’s always so exciting when I get my new Keto Delivered box in the mail each month! This auto-ship program to introduce new keto-friendly products is amazing! With anticipation, I cut the box open and lifted the top. I pulled out the first product my eyes landed on (due to the silvery packaging–yes, I love shiny things!). Here’s what it was! This Machaca traditional shredded beef jerky was perfect to throw in the car for some blood sugar stability when I was on a commute for some meetings. Though the shredded texture wasn’t ideal to eat in the car with my air conditioning on  (haha, yep, shortly after this photo was taken at a red light–don’t you fret–my hair was full of the shredded beef!), it was yummy and helped to keep my tummy from rumbling! I couldn’t find any nutrition facts online about it as the...


Grass-Fed Beef

Dear Body Buds,

Let’s talk about beef. I love beef. You love beef. I remember growing up watching commercials that said, “Beef. It’s what’s for dinner.”

I grew up in a family who ate and loved meat. I also love meat, and the more I learn about the power of the naturally occurring nourishment in meat–like B vitamins.