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Fat Loss, Electrolytes, Post-Surgery & More–Live Q&A with KJ (Episode 193)

Welcome to a LIVE Q&A session with Kristy Jo where she will talk fat loss, digestion, electrolyte imbalance, and general health!

In this episode, you will hear her answer 11 questions that came in for this Q&A session about some of the following topics (listen to the audio recording at the bottom of this post):

  • how to eat post-bariatric surgery
  • how to get and stay motivated
  • what types of ingredients to watch out for in beverages
  • sugar alcohols
  • best workout protocol for fast fat loss
  • what to do when bloated
  • electrolyte imbalance and how to fix it
  • who should do the 10-Day Power Foods Detox
  • which supplements every adult should be taking

This Q&A took place on Wednesday, August 29, 2018 on the Body Buddies Facebook page. If you are looking for holistic health, to gain muscle, lose body fat, improve digestion, reduce pain from arthritis, endometriosis, heavy periods, or another condition–TUNE IN and stay active on the Body Buddies page!

Nick’s Sticks: http://bit.ly/bodbudsnickssticks

PFL Academy: http://www.powerfoodslifestyle.com/enroll



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