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Bride Body 35-Day Challenge: Day 1

DAY 1: MONDAY of the Bride Body 35-day Challenge Program (click here to order your own copy of this program!) Workout: I got to the gym around 3:45 and would prefer not to train this time of day again. I enjoy dancing this late in the day, but not training my muscles or doing sprints. Nonetheless, I made it. My total workout time was about 50 minutes since I took a bit longer stretch time than the 7-minute Stretch on the program. I added the Bosu Ball into my forward lunges and added multiple angles. My 3rd set turned into jumping squats up and over the Bosu ball which gave me a great quad burnout–the type where you need to sit down afterward so your legs don’t give out 🙂 On the 10-minute sprints, I wanted to be done at Minute 4. But I thought of everyone else doing this...


Fat Loss, Electrolytes, Post-Surgery & More–Live Q&A with KJ (Episode 193)

Welcome to a LIVE Q&A session with Kristy Jo where she will talk fat loss, digestion, electrolyte imbalance, and general health! In this episode, you will hear her answer 11 questions that came in for this Q&A session about some of the following topics (listen to the audio recording at the bottom of this post): how to eat post-bariatric surgery how to get and stay motivated what types of ingredients to watch out for in beverages sugar alcohols best workout protocol for fast fat loss what to do when bloated electrolyte imbalance and how to fix it who should do the 10-Day Power Foods Detox which supplements every adult should be taking This Q&A took place on Wednesday, August 29, 2018 on the Body Buddies Facebook page. If you are looking for holistic health, to gain muscle, lose body fat, improve digestion, reduce pain from arthritis, endometriosis, heavy periods, or...


Episode #149: Body Buddies World Member Q&A

Have you wondered what it would be like to have exclusive access to Kristy Jo and get answers to your questions? Take an inside peek to the weekly LIVE Q&A sessions that happen for members of Body Buddies World in this podcast episode. In this episode, Kristy Jo will answer the following questions: 1. How much cardio is too much? 2. What if I’m getting hungry before the 2.5-3 hour mark? 3. What are your body’s baseline caloric needs? 4. What is Afterburn and how do you get it? 5. Is there anything wrong with full body workouts? 6. Are there any cutting supplements I should be taking to help with fat loss? 7. How do you know how much you should lift? 8. What’s the difference between toning, building, and sculpting? Once you have done a Body Buddies coaching program with Kristy Jo or completed an 8-week Challenge, Body...


Episode #147: SMART Goals for Fat Loss

Specific goals that make sense and lead you to your desired outcome of FAT LOSS are critical when you want to make a change in your body. How many people out there actually make SMART Goals? In my observation, not many, and this is the differentiating point between successful people in fat loss versus those who are frustrated. Tune into Episode #147 where Kristy Jo, Mind and Body Strategist and Author of the Power Foods Lifestyle, teaches YOU how to get laser-focused on your goals for fat loss… the SMART way. Read The Power Foods Lifestyle — CLICK HERE Do the Body Buddies 8-week Challenge — CLICK HERE Check out this new episode on the Body Buddies Podcast!