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MTHFR Gene Mutations” with Patti Butts (Episode #195)

If you or someone you love has been dealing with migraines or a mental health condition, this Body Buddies podcast episode is for you! Patti Butts, PhD sits down with host, Kristy Jo, to discuss the details of the MTHFR gene mutation, and how nutritional choices can manifest negatively in mental health. “All mental health begins in the gut,” she said. “The vagus nerve and the gut are connected.” Patti goes on in the episode to explain how she understands the emotions that can trigger depression: anger, guilt, loss of esteem, love, etc. However, she feels there is more. “Of course there are emotional components, but we are missing the boat by not having a young person who is depressed or acting out not having their blood tested. I wish this could be taught in every health class. Our young people need to know there are physiological reasons they’re depressed....

5 Shocking Ways to Combat Depression with Real Food

“If you struggle with feeling hopeless, sad, depressed, or mentally fragile, you’re not alone. More than 100 million American (1 in 3) struggle through life with depression.” -Mark Hyman, MD Pharmaceutical companies are preying on the epidemic of a highly depressed population. Anti-depressants are prescribed left and right as the default coping mechanism when we are feeling stressed, sad, blue, and our  “light” has gone out. While I do not fault physicians entirely as I feel many of them are doing their best to help people with acute conditions who present, and I recognize they just do not have the time nor training to get to deeper root causes, conventional medicine cannot cure the rising rates of depression through treating symptoms only.  There is a division of those who prescribe medications alone, then there are those who insist that therapy is the path to the heart of the issues. We can observe a huge disconnect...