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How Your Microbiome Impacts Bloating, Constipation, Brain Fog, and Abdominal Pain

Are you experiencing bloating, constipation, brain fog, frequent trips to the restroom, or abdominal pain? You may be experiencing a bacterial imbalance in your gut. Your microbiome has a huge effect on your body and all of its systems. You may also be experiencing a Leaky Gut which is part of inflammation of your microbiome. What is the microbiome? Your body has trillions of microbes and microorganisms living inside. There are some good microbes that provide a symbiotic relationship, but there are also bad microbes which can be a variety of bad bacteria, virus, fungi, and even parasitic animals in your body. 90% of your microbes are located in your gut making it your control center. Your microbiome matures between the ages of 2-5 years old but when your body experiences change like puberty, pregnancy, menopause, or any stress your microbiome changes. Which means that your microbiome is constantly changing. Watch...


Leaky Gut and the Microbiome

What is Leaky Gut and the Microbiome?  Latest research reveals we are doing ourselves a disservice by not looking at the root cause of illness and disease. How could that be? Due to the connection between the ecosystem in the gut and all the bacteria housed there, researchers are finding the direct correlation between how we eat, autoimmune conditions, mental health conditions, and nearly every one of these “mystery illnesses” that continue to pop up. Talking about the chemicals in our food and how they are changing our biology is a topic that many don’t want to hear; in fact, they believe I am quite controversial when I talk about this. However, that mental construct, carefully crafted through cultural paradigms and media programming, is doing no one any good. Instead, it’s making us sicker and sicker and raising our mortality rates, insurance premiums, and dissatisfaction with life with each passing...