30 Podcasts in 30 Days Challenge

If you’re feeling overwhelmed when making your lifestyle change with the Power Foods Lifestyle and Body Buddies, I need you take my 30 Podcasts in 30 days Challenge.

If you want to learn a new language, you must immerse yourself in the culture and people who speak it.

“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.” -Ludwig Wittgenstein

I’ll never forget the feelings of complete shock when I first walked the streets of Seoul, Korea as a brand new church missionary  in 2008. It was monsoon season and  the air was heavy and thick. The hum of beetles in the trees pierced my ears and made my head spin, but not nearly as much as hearing the people of South Korea speak as they passed me on the crowded streets.

I was overwhelmed. I couldn’t understand a lick of what they were saying. This was nothing like the basics I had learned during 3 months of study prior to crossing the Pacific Ocean. My stomach churned and I felt SO out of place. I thought, I’ll never be able to speak this crazy language. I’ll never understand.

But I immersed myself in the language.

It took time. I’m still not fluent like a native speaker. But I can communicate efficiently and well. I don’t know all the impressive vocabulary to send like an intellectual in Korean, but I can hold conversations that transcend basic needs. I feel confident in jumping on a plane at this moment and diving headfirst into the land of those wonderful people because I immersed myself in the language and the culture.

What am I getting at here?

I want you to  immerse yourself in the language, mindset, vocabulary, and culture of Body Buddies and the Power Foods Lifestyle.

Since we can’t hang out every day in person for the next 30 days to get you acclimated, I have created the next best thing–a podcast.

A podcast is a hub of audio recordings you can access anytime–day or night–and listen to at your convenience. I recommend listening at any chance you get–washing dishes, food prepping,  driving to and from work, on your lunch break,  during an evening walk,  while you’re  doing cardio at the gym, or as you’re cleaning up in the morning.

I don’t care when you listen, just so long as you listen.

Is there a recommended order to listen to?

No, there is not. I have included the top  10 I’d like you to listen to below, but then from there, pick and choose according to the topics you feel will most benefit you. You can  visit the podcast blog and use the search feature at the top of your screen to search topics. If you cannot find a podcast on a topic of interest, please email my team to have it added to my queue at support@body-buddies.com. My goal is to get you the best, most efficient information you need to be motivated to make changes. I also love to talk you through the reality of psychology and applying the science in strategy to your life.

I do get fiery at times. I might hurt your feelings with my bluntness. I’m known as the tangent queen. You’ll get to know many of my stories.

And whether you hate me or love me, I promise you one thing: YOU WILL LEARN SO SO SO SO MUCH if you open your mind to one of curiosity, learning, and seeking to unpack what I’m sharing to apply it to your life.


I need you to leave a review for the Body Buddies Podcast as soon as you’ve listened to 1 or 2 episodes.

Without positive reviews, I cannot–I repeat, cannot–get this information out there to help more people. You may think your voice doesn’t matter… it does. Trust me.

Thank you in advance for helping others like you find the truth to our nutrition, fitness, and health concerns in a way that we can apply it.

If you leave a review, please screen shot it, post it on your Instagram stories, then tag me @bodbuds to win a FREE product from the Body Buddies store!

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Okay, now the Top 10  Episodes to start with:

Carbs 101 & Beyond: Part 1 http://bitl.ly/bodbuds154
Carbs 101 & Beyond: Part 2 http://bit.ly/bodbuds155
Fruit: Is it Healthy or Not? http://bit.ly/bodbuds91
Love Me Some Fats http://bit.ly/bodbuds118
5 Levels of Energy Input & Output http://bit.ly/bodbuds135
Benefits of Grass-Fed Beef http://bit.ly/bodbuds131
Master Those Sugar Cravings http://bit.ly/bodbuds20
Pre- and Post-Workout Nutrition http://bit.ly/bodbuds39
Best Snack Alternatives http://bit.ly/bodbuds33
I’m Sick! What Should I Eat? http://bit.ly/bodbuds25

As you’re learning principles during your 30-day Challenge, I invite you to share insights, triumphs, and applicable principles you’re living in our FREE Facebook community: Power Foods Lifestyle Champions.

I look forward to hearing how much changes for you in the next 30 days!

Love your bud,


p.s. if you’d like to accelerate to change, check out my 4-week coaching programs to add into your next 30-day challenge.