5 Delicious & Strategic Thanksgiving Dishes

Dear Body Buds,

Thanksgiving is one of the trickiest holidays when it comes to a strategic eater’s mindset.

On one hand, you want to indulge and just enjoy food like everyone else. But on the other hand, you don’t want to be sick, and you really don’t want to undo a lot of the progress you have made on your body.

There are several tricks to making Thanksgiving work for you rather than against you.

Let’s go through these 4 items together:

1. Fill up on PVF food items first.

Make a large salad with all the veggies you can see. Add turkey, ham, or whatever protein is being served with your feast.

Now add some healthy fats like olives, avocado, hummus, olive oil, nus, seeds, marinated artichoke hearts, and cheese. This should be your base as all of these types of foods are blood sugar stabilizing.

Keep your mindset focused on first getting the right blood sugar stabilizing foods in before you have your more indulgent food of carbs.

2. Plan your carbs ever-so-wisely.

Whether it’s rolls, potatoes, jello salads, pasta salads, pie, cake, or candied yams, carbs are going to be your nemesis in this feast. Before the feast begins, plan the number of Cs (20-30 grams per C) you will have. Most of my clients in Lifestyle Change mode choose anywhere from 3-5 sources of C.

Remember that each C can be represented (usually) with a small fist, or about 1/2 cup. That means if you want variety of carb dishes, you need to keep your portion size in check. If you would rather have quantity of your selected carbs, then you will probably be only enjoying 1, maybe 2 sources.

Carbs should only be eaten in addition to your PVF base you learned about in Tip #1.

3. Do not save up your calories.

The worst possible thing you can do when indulging in Thanksgiving foods is to save up your calories. This suppresses your metabolism and body’s ability to handle the sudden influx of food all at one time.

While I understand it is a strategy many find mental comfort in (though ignorant comfort), I need you to prep your body for any carb indulgences. This is particularly important if you have been following any of my carb cycling, low carb, or moderated carb approaches to eating in any of my programs. Simply stick to PVF meals starting within 1 hour of waking as usual, then continue eating your smaller PVF meals every 2.5-3 hours until you’re ready for your “slightly larger Thanksgiving feast.”

Once you’re done eating your meal, shut down the eating window. No more nibbling, grazing, or plucking food off leftovers sitting out on the counter. You’re done. Return to PVF meals when your body feels ready to eat.

If you adhere to this strategy I promise you that your body will feel amazing on Friday, and your mind will feel even more amazing with the confidence you gain in yourself. You can be in control of your eating around holiday food!

4. Focus on being present and mindful while eating.

Isn’t Thanksgiving about being grateful? Well, be grateful for your body and show it by being present and mindful of it–don’t punish it!

Slow down, sit back, and breathe. Embrace conversations with others and make your dinnertime so much about other people that eating is simply a secondary item.

Chew your food. Fill it going down your esophagus. Appreciate the energy and nutrients it’s giving you. Breathe in the beautiful time of peace and goodness around you. If it doesn’t exist (sometimes meals can be crazy with big families, ha ha) then create it in your own mind.

Be the master of yourself. Be present and mindful to truly soak in the beauty of having a body.


Please, please, please do not weigh yourself within a few days following any over-indulging.

Remember that your body stores 1 gram of glycogen (stored form of carbs) with 4 molecules of water so EVEN IF YOU DID NOT GAIN BODY FAT YOU WILL WEIGH MORE ON THE SCALE. Spare your mind and emotions by just staying off the scale, okee doke?

Now that you’re prepared with some basics to strategic eating with the Power Foods Lifestyle, check out the 5 Thanksgiving recipes I’d like to give you–yep, GIVE YOU.

Usually you’ll pay 19 cents per recipe with my volume 1, 2 or 3 as they’re $9.99 per volume on the PFL store. When you get the Power Foods Lifestyle book (free + shipping) by clicking here, you’ll be given an upgrade option to get the discounted 3-volume combo at only $17 (what a steal!).

I hope you appreciate free recipes from me whenever you get them! They’re very strategically engineered and years of my own research have enabled me to produce these awesome recipes that won’t hurt your waistline! 🙂

So here’s the rundown for your Top 5 Delicious and Easy Thanksgiving Recipes.

I will be making THREE of them below this year! I can’t wait. . . I can already taste them! Simply scroll down to get the download link.

Pumpkin Pie Cake (Power Foods Lifestyle Recipe Book, Volume 1 )

pumpkin-pie-cakeApple Harvest Deluxe (Power Foods Lifestyle Recipe Book, Volume 3)

apple-harvest-deluxeDecadent Peanut Butter Pie (Power Foods Lifestyle Recipe Book, Volume 3)

decadent-peanut-butter-pieGreen Bean Crunch Deluxe (Power Foods Lifestyle Recipe Book, Volume 3)

Pumpkin Pie Pudding (Power Foods Lifestyle Recipe Book, Volume 3)



Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and be sure to post your strategic meals in the Power Foods Lifestyle Champions group on Facebook!


Love your bud,

Kristy Jo





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