5 Steps To Stopping Emotional Eating Before It Starts

Dear Body Buds,

Emotional eating is an activity that has stopped so many of you from following The Power Foods Lifestyle as you know you should. Having coached so many people through to reach their goals physically and succeed, I have also coached many who couldn’t get out of their own way. They didn’t know how to navigate the emotional eating that sabotaged their efforts to change their body composition and improve their health.


That is why I have created my all-new “Binge Bye Bye” 12-week Mindset Mastery Course. This course is designed to be a crucial element for all Body Buds who find themselves slipping up time and time again on their nutrition strategy due to what we call “trigger emotions.”

What are trigger emotions? They are feelings we experience then seek to either run from or mask through turning to “comfort food.” If a person does not learn how to a) change their emotions through their thoughts (an element of re-framing that we learn in the course), or b) how to handle their triggers with new behavior that is not as destructive to their health goals, they will feel frustrated, a little angry, and sad that they cannot reach their goal.


If you are saying, “YES! That is totally me!,” consider signing up for my 12-week online course where we will focus on learning new mindset tools to apply each week, focusing on bringing hope, joy, peace, forgiveness, and faith into our lives, as well as learning how to physiologically balance our bodies.

This will not be about following meal plans; rather, I will be teaching you a new principle of The Power Foods Lifestyle each week and we will focus on implementing that into our lives. By the end of Week 12, you will living the Power Foods Lifestyle.

You will also be experiencing much of the emotional and mindset mastery to prevent and re-direct emotional eating triggers to be more health-promoting.

You will gain confidence, happiness, trust in yourself, and feel so much lighter both physically and emotionally! I cannot wait to guide you through this emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual journey!

Learn more about my course in this Facebook Live broadcast on the Body Buddies page where I fielded questions about the course, exposed some raw emotion, and engaged with viewers to share more of my own personal recovery story.

So now let’s discuss 5 ways that you can begin now to STOP emotional eating before it starts:

  1. STOP to ask yourself why you want to eat the non-strategic, sugary, or fatty foods that you know are not in line with your nutritional strategy in the Power Foods Lifestyle or your Indulgence Strategy.

    When you STOP to assess what is going on, you will have more awareness of the situations that may be contributing to your urges. Think over what has been happening in your day? Are there events that have happened? A call that came? A stressor that appeared? A person who hurt you? The possibilities are endless but it starts with you asking yourself the question of what’s going on?

  2. Once you have done #1, you can begin to take control and respond with the appropriate measure for your trigger.

    If you assess that you are lonely, call a friend, go out in public to a bookstore, or walk to a neighbor’s house. If you are stressed, focus on your breathing (we will go over in #3) as well as the 3 Ds: Do it now, Delegate, or Defer. If you cannot do one of the 3 Ds for your stressors, then you need to bring in the fourth D: Dismiss. You don’t need to worry about it.

  3. Focus on concentrated, deep breaths.

    Take 10 counts to inhale through your nose, hold for 10 counts, then exhale for 10 counts through your mouth. Do this 5x and focus your mind only on the inflation and deflation of your lungs. You will be amazed at how much better you feel when you get the oxygen flow going in your body!

  4. Allow yourself to indulge (if you really need something edible), but keep it to your Ps and Fs category in the Power Foods Lifestyle.

    These macronutrient groups will help your blood sugar not go bonkers, even when eating over a caloric budget.  Some of my go-to PF combinations that I will eat until I am full (protein and fats are far more satiating and will help you feel full faster than eating sugary carbs!) include scrambled eggs with cheese and bacon, and  protein powder mixed with peanut butter and unsweetened coconut flakes (Roly Polies recipe is in Volume 2 of my recipe books).

  5. Acknowledge the fact that you want to eat in order to handle your emotions.

    It’s helpful to say it out loud so you bring it into your conscious awareness, rather than subconsciously experiencing behavior that you find alarming. I find that when I ask myself out loud why I want to eat more like I am having a conversation with another person, I am able to be aware that I’m heading into emotional eating which I do not need to do. It allows me to make a conscious decision!

I know that as you apply these steps day after day and get very good at picking yourself up whenever you fall down, you will ease your way into a new level of living. You will arrive at your goals!

Cheering you on forever over here at Body Buddies!

Love your bud,

Kristy Jo





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