5 Ways to Reduce Symptoms of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Are you experiencing an upset stomach, diarrhea, constipation frequent bathroom trips, and embarrassing cancellations to events due to symptoms of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome?).

If so, you’re not alone. IBS Symptoms are the #1 reason for worker absenteeism–this condition of a “spastic colon”impacts nearly 60 million Americans.

In this blog post, I wish to address the top 5 ways you can naturally soothe the symptoms of IBS.

But first, I need to open your mind. The food you eat has the greatest power over the way your body functions. Food breaks down to chemicals which impact your hormones, your moods, energy, skin . . . everything! Those chemicals are the very fuel that tell your body to be on alert and go into distres or to create balance and harmony.

When you experience diarrhea, constipation, and frequent trips to the restroom, this is likely being exacerbated by an improper diet and drinking too much fluid during meals. Your lifestyle choices can impact the digestive enzymes which turn around and impact your digestive function, doing damage to the lining of your intestines.

Those who follow the extremely powerful principles of The Power Foods Lifestyle have seen incredible changes in their digestive function, fewer trips to the restroom, and much greater relief in general.

Here are the Top 5 Ways to soothe IBS symptoms the Body Buddies way (and if you’re interested, you can see my Facebook Live Training Video at the bottom of this post):

1. Eat smaller, more frequency meals each day.

In the Power Foods Lifestyle, I teach you how to do 6 smaller, more frequent meals each day. The typical schedule is:
* Breakfast, Mid-Morning, Lunch, Mid-Afternoon, Dinner, Bedtime

NO! You don’t need to be afraid of having a small snack before bed–it’s just important the type of food you eat.

Each meal has three components that I teach you to have in your meal. It will either be a PVC (protein-veggie-carb) or PVF (protein-veggie-fat). If you’re trying to follow this strategy of nutrition, this will be a huge step in the right direction. Your digestive system will proces more easily and move food through simply.

Don’t forget to use your phone to remind yourself to eat! My successful clients and course participants use the alarms to remind themselves when to fuel their bodies–otherwise, too much time can pass, you get busy and forget, and you miss the optimal timing window.

One of the best ways to start learning about PVC and PVF meals and jump in head-first is to do my 10-Day Power Foods Detox program. It’s only $14 and I have a private Facebook group where I offer support.

2. Focus on Less Variety in your High-Fiber Foods

A lot of these foods come from the Carbohyrate Family. Carbs can often exacerbate IBS because they’re so dense in sugar (carbs break down to sugar molecules).  This includes any form of carbs including breads, bagels, pastas, cereals, etc. When you eat these foods, you will experence more IBS symptoms than when you replace these foods with more fats-based foods (PVF over PVC meals).

As we reduce the amount of veggies and fruits you are eating, and you choose more low glycemic carbs only (sweet potatoes, oats, grapefruit, blueberries, etc–get my FREE Power Foods List here), this will help you figure out which foods are more of the culprit than others. This knowledge comes only when you reduce the variety and improve consistency to learn the difference in your body’s reactions.

3. Avoid High Allergenic Foods

It’s not about the dogma of what is ‘right’ or ‘wrong,’ and more about figuring out what is right or wrong for your body. So when I tell you the two highest allergenic foods are gluten and dairy, I’m not saying you must kick these out. But I am saying that when you focus on eliminating them for at least 10 days (most certainly do my 10-Day Power Foods Detox at least once, if not multiple times when seeking to repair digestive distress).

After your Detox you will be able to slowly add in foods to  determine which foods are most problematic for you. This will give you the confidence and knowledge of how to more strategically eat in the future.

Other foods that can potentially be allergenic include Whey Protein Powder and eggs. You can view the products I recommend by clicking here.

4. Strengthen the Gut Wall

What is the gut wall? It is your digestive tract–the tube-like system that allows the absorption of nutrients from food into your body and passes it through to evacuate the remaining bulk.

Have you heard of Leaky Gut? It’s impacting hundreds of millions of people due to our non-strategic lifestyle these days. . . (heh hem, yet another reason you should be living a Power Foods Lifestyle!).

This is where the lining of the gut wall has been compromised, and there are things leaking through the gut wall that should not be: pathogens, yeast, bacteria, parasites, etc. (yikes! this can’t be good, and it’s NOT!).

One of the BEST ways to strengthen your gut wall is to start doing the Body Buddies Detox Drink each morning.

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5. De-Stress Your Life and Your Environment

In the 10-Day Power Foods Detox, I will take you through baby tasks that help you mentally, emotionally, and environmentally to simplify your life. You have the power to stand up for yourself and become a solution finder.

This is when you enter the zone of what being a Body Buddy means. When you step into this higher power you. . .

  • are a solution finder
  • recognize you’re in a role of influence
  • know you have strengths to share with others
  • are a critical thinker
  • don’t expect fast results and are willing to work for changes
  • know this is about real lasting change
  • recognize when it’s time for baby steps vs. jumping in fully
  • don’t blame or shame yourself

I know that you can use these tips to start experiencing a HUGE difference in your body! So let’s go and #PowerYourBody!!


Who is #CoachKristyJo?
I am a Fitness Nutrition Strategist who helps women bridge the gap between learning the science of optimality with their nutrition and fitness, and the practical day-to-day application of a true lifestyle change. My specialty is autoimmune conditions and disordered eating habits. Come learn more about me by readng my book, The Power Foods Lifestyle or add me as a friend on Facebook.

Disclaimer: this post is for educational purposes only and is not intended for use in the diagnosis, treatment, cure, or prevention of any disease. Please consult a trained health professional who can fully assess your needs and address them. Always check with your doctor before making any significant lifestyle change that may impact prescription medications.