5 Ways to Soothe Symptoms of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Do you experience frequent abdominal discomfort, pain associated with digestion, and frequent trips to the bathroom? If so, you may be experiencing symptoms of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).

IBS (Irritabel Bowel Syndrome) is a category that many digestive distress conditions are thrown into–this includes changes in bowel movements, abdominal pain, and digestive distress.  This is not a disease, yet pharmaceutical companies are capitalizing on the discomfort of the American people. After all, there are over 300 different medications for IBS. Yikes!

Interestingly enough, IBS is the #1 reason for worker absenteeism in the United States. It is estimated that 10-15% of the adult population experiences symptoms, and is the most common reason for presenting to one’s primary care physician. This is a huge topic of focus when I am presenting at companies and conventions for wellness in the workplace.

While I don’t feel that diagnosing yourself or labeling yourself as having IBS is necessary, what matters is what you are going to DO if you are experiencing these symptoms. I would like to share with you 5 ways you can easily soothe digestive distress and symptoms using real food and strategy holistically.

These tips will also help if you have Crohn’s Disease.

You can watch the training via video below, or scroll down to read the written version:

  1. Eat smaller, more frequent meals each day.

    In the Power Foods Lifestyle, I teach a basic starting approach of six meals per day. While these are smaller snack-size meals compared to what most people following the SAD (Standard American Diet) are used to. There are three components each meal should have: either a protein-veggie-carbohydrate combination (PVC), or a protein-veggie-fat combination (PVF).

    Your digestive system will have greater ease processing the foods you eat rather than having to absorb nutrients and shuttle through the digestive tract any exorbitant amounts  of food. As you follow this strategy you will be taking a great step in the right direction.

    How to start eating six meals per day?

    –> Have a plan for your meals — the 10-day Power Foods Detox is a great way to get started with pairing foods and eating proper portion sizes.

    –> Use alarms — If you find yourself forgetting to eat, use your phone to set alarms. This is your best tool for reminding you to eat!  Many of my clients and students in courses send me screenshots of the 6 alarms in their phones that remind them when to eat one of their prepared meals.

  2. Focus on less variety in High Fiber Foods

    Many of the high fiber foods come from the carbohydrate family, and carbohydrates are great aggravation of symptoms of inflammation in the gut wall.

    Did you know carbohydrates break down to sugar?

    Yep.  That means bagels, breads, cookies, pastas, cereals, etc. If too much sugar comes in the system, this will exacerbate your symptoms of being in pain, constantly going to the bathroom, never feeling good in your digestion, etc.

    As you reduce the amounts of carbohydrates–choose lower glycemic fruits (grapefruit, blueberries, etc.), this will help you figure out if there are greater culprits than another. Until you whittle down the foods you are eating and start to focus, you won’t find solutions.  When you have less variety you will be able to add foods back in and know without a doubt which foods to avoid.

    The 10-day Power Foods Detox will take you through 3 days of reduction of carbohydrates to reduce inflammation, introduce low glycemic carbohydrates like fruit, lentils, sweet potatoes, etc. in days 4-6, then help you make decisions for days 7-10 base on how you felt in Phase 1 and Phase 2.

    > > Learn more about this 10-day Elimination and Anti-Inflammatory introduction here.

  3. Avoid High Allergenic Foods

    I really despise when people make all-or-nothing statements like everyone should be gluten-free, or everyone should get off dairy. While I do recommend that most people pay attention to testing to see how their body responds, I do my best (in spite of bias which leans toward wanting most unhealthy people off these foods) to help you find what’s best for you.

    It’s not about what’s right or wrong according to latest blog, podcast, or infomercial you saw, but what’s right or wrong for your body?

    Two high allergenic foods I help people to reduce or completely remove from their diet are gluten and dairy. I have full trainings on why these are so problematic in other blogs and podcasts, but for right now, let’s keep focusing on the application of soothing symptoms of IBS.

    >> View my video: How to eat with Gluten Sensitivities
    >>  View my video: Milk and its Alternatives

    Other high allergen foods include whey protein. I absolutely love the protein powders I recommend and do the research to recommend products. Click here to view the protein powders I recommend.

  4. Strengthen the Gut Wall

    The gut wall is your digestive tract. You put food in your mouth, it enters the esophagus which takes the food to your stomach. From there, the food particles enter the digestive tract (duodenum) where absorption of amino acids, fatty acids, trace minerals, micronutrients, and glucose occurs.

    However, if your gut wall is not strong, you can be leaking things through the gut wall that shouldn’t be. This includes yeast, pathogens, parasites, and bacteria. This is impacting a great number of people in America, exacerbating inflammation, and found to be the root cause of many health conditions, including mental illness.

    Leaky gut is caused often by how we are eating, our environment, chemicals we are exposed to, and more! So if we know how it’s caused, we need to take action to make some changes in our lives.

    One of the best ways you can start building up the integrity of your gut wall is doing the Body Buddies Morning Detox Drink. This will give your body the very essential amino acids, PH balancing benefit, collagen, everything it needs to start building the gut wall.

    >> Download my Body Buddies Morning Detox Drink Guide here.

    While the drink is not the tastiest (I’ll keep it real), it makes a HUGE difference and many of our Body Buddies are feeling the difference here.

    If you just dabble, you most likely will not find solutions. I want to see you feeling better!

  5. Destress your Life and EnvironmentSure, it’s easier said than done. Honestly, most of my coaching is based around life, time, stress, productivity, mindsets, stress, etc. See, teaching these nutrition and fitness thingsIn the Power Foods Detox, I will take you through baby steps to start detoxing parts of your life. You will realize you are the Master or your Life. You can’t step into victim mode. Your circumstances are what they are, but you can stand up for yourself and become a solution-finder. That’s when you enter the grounds of being a Body Buddy.When you are a Body Buddy, you recognize you are in a position of influence. Whether that’s   in a relationship, parent role, sibling role, co-worker role, or friend role, you matter and people look to you as an example.

    You are going to rise to be the best person you can be. Helping your body heal is one of the ways you empower yourself to be your best self.

    Even if you haven’t figured out how to tap into those strengths and you’re feeling frustrated, the key is you’re willing to find  how to step into that power. I would love to help you with that journey.

    Here are a few other things to consider as you’re finding your power:

  • Body Buddies don’t expect fast results and they know this takes time.
  • Body Buddies are critical thinkers.
  • Body Buddies are willing  to work.
  • Body Buddies are willing to recognize this involves a change in how we think, eat, and workout.
  • Body Buddies realize sometimes we need baby steps, and sometimes it’s needed to fully immerse!
  • Body Buddies aren’t victims, we don’t blame, we don’t shame.>> Join the Body Buddies inner circle today for less than $5/week.I would  love for you to start experiencing the power of overcoming the digestive distress, brain fog, constipation.

    It’s time to go through the process of finding solutions and helping your body feel better.

Love your bud,