Abe Ward Picks up his Metabolism!

Start Weight: 177 lb.
Final Weight: 175 lb.
8-week Challenge 2014
Butte, Montana
“My girlfriend, Shaye Murphy, led me to Body Buddies. Her cousin had worked with you in the past and suggested we try it. I always wanted to see what the difference would be if I ate clean.
I had very limited experience. I had some idea from coaches when I played college football, but nothing really solid–nothing tailored to me. I pretty much ate what I knew how to make and tried to eat as many meals as I could to gain some mass.
During this 8-week challenge I have experienced what true clean eating can do for me. I lost fat where I didn’t even know I had fat! I was able to prove to myself that I can eat healthy if I set my mind to it! I think my favorite part of this whole challenge is the breakfasts. I love eggs so this was perfect for me! Now, I almost subconsciously evaluate foods with a PVC-PVF eye.
Even on cheat meals, I still catch myself looking for the correct combinations! It has completely changed how I look at food. Now I have more energy. I can almost feel my metabolism picking up again. My body feels healthier and when I eat something unhealthy.  I can instantly feel it drag me down.
The biggest change I had to make was in my food prep. Without proper food preparation the challenge is impossible to complete. I also have started to look at food differently. The most important principle I learned was balance. Balance in what you put in your body and balancing meals right. It took some getting used to eating six meals a day, but I love the concept of it.”
Abe Ward



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