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Frustrated. Overwhelmed. Angry. Deceived. Helpless.

That is how the former Kristy Jo felt for over 20 years as she worked to achieve the body she so desperately wanted. She went to every effort, but her attempts at dieting began to turn into full-on binges. She fought battles no one knew about, and lived each day with thoughts of food and her inability to master herself, failure at the forefront of her mind. March 17, 2012 marked the day when Kristy became the master of herself.  Kristy Jo —is the strong, resolute victor who blazed through the myths and lies of food and exercise in order to pioneer new approaches to help herself, and now others, to rise above the past.

Kristy Jo is no longer ashamed of her 50-degree curved back (scoliosis), but is confident and steadfast in helping others understand they, too, are not broken just because something isn’t “perfect” with their body.

Kristy Jo is now on a mission to create a movement in emotional conditioning, food psychology, and strategic application of fitness and nutrition. Her hope is to help every person within the sound of her voice reach his or her goals and discover their own self-mastery from within.

I . . . am Kristy Jo.  CVZ_2064

And I love you because you’re here.

Chances are that if you’re reading this message, you are in a place where you are seeking answers–whether you are beyond frustrated with the way you look, or you’re tired of obsessing over food and your body. You may have a health challenge that you need to learn to manage, or you may have a particular high level aesthetic goal you’re trying to accomplish.

Whatever your goal is, I welcome you, and I want to give you a virtual hug for all you have experienced in your life up until this moment with food, exercise, and how you feel about your body. **squeeze***

Here at Body Buddies, I want you to know you have a place, you have a purpose, and you have a voice. You see, we are all in the trenches together as we try to live in a world full of consumerism, profit margins, and scientists who create foods that are engineered to addict us.

If that were the only problem, I think we actually could circumvent it. However, we each have additional life stresses that cause us grief, stress, and trauma; which is why we often turn to high-sugar, high-fat, artificially flavor-enhanced foods to tantalize our taste buds.  We are enticed by momentary comfort and happiness. We haven’t yet learned how to program our minds and thoughts to manage stressors. Turning to food is easy, so we do it. And it impacts not only our health, but the way we feel about ourselves…which impacts every other aspect of our life. I want to teach you to #PowerYourBody so you can #PowerYour life.  I want you to THRIVE. I want you to achieve your goals, having the faith and courage to get out there in the world–to be the person of value and contribution that you were intended to be!

So where do we start? Here’s what I teach in my book, The Power Foods Lifestyle.

It’s 50% mental discipline, 30% nutrition, and 20% exercise.

Triangle - Body Buddies

We need to learn psychological strategy of how to view ourselves, how to become goal-setters, and how to obliterate fear that lurks in our subconscious mind and keeps us from reaching our goals. We need to learn how to view food: neither as good nor bad, but as “strategic” or “non-strategic.” And even then, realizing there is a time and a place for all food when we understand overall strategies to eating. When we apply psychological strategy to nutrition, we mindfully navigate adaptations that may be right for one person, but not for another. We realize there is NO cookie-cutter plan, but rather, that principles of science can be applied in unique ways to serve a person’s psychological disposition.

We also need to learn physiological strategy in order to teach our bodies to eat “intuitively”–how food works in the body, how you can eat to achieve body composition goals, and to accomplish optimal health for your body. You see, body composition and inner health are actually two different things, that often get lumped into one thing in this $3 trillion-dollar diet/nutrition/fitness industry.  However, at Body Buddies, we learn how to eat strategically to accomplish at least the health goal, then if desired, the aesthetic goal.

Add into the wonderful foundation of mental discipline and nutrition some strategic exercise the Body Buddies way and truly, any physical goal can be realized That may include simply feeling better, having better posture, or actually creating a body that will allow you do the things in life you’ve dreamed of.    I know you CAN do it. Naturally, it will take time, patience, consistency and strategy . . . but you CAN do it. And I’ll show you how.

I’m here as your Body Bud to teach you truth about food, your mind, and your body. I’m here to guide you, encourage you, and help you understand your mind.

I’m here as a REAL person, so you will see me very active daily on my social media feeds. I encourage you to reach out, share your story, and be a part of the Body Buddies family. I’m so glad you’re here, and hope you will open your mind to learn (or un-learn) the principles that will help you to #PowerYourLife.

#PowerYourBody one meal, one workout, one day at a time.

Love your bud,

Kristy Jo

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