Body Buddies 2017 — What Can It Do For YOU?


Hi, I’m Kristy Jo, Mind and Body Strategist, and I want to help you POWER YOUR BODY!

At the age of 25 years old, I was sick of being miserable, having zero confidence, hating my body, and out of control with my eating and exercise. My world revolved around my misery and I hit the darkest hole I’d ever been in.

On March 7 2012, I heard a voice come into my mind as I was driving on the freeway: “You are the Master of yourself.” I thought I was crazy. But I hear it a second time. “You are the Master of yourself.”

That day was the impetus, but every day since then has been the formation of new learning, new habits, new mindsets, new strategies to do EVERYTHING.
I now share those mindset, nutrition, and fitness strategies with my Body Buddies–those who are willing to not just learn, but APPLY.

I’m a teacher and an encourager.

I change my life every day as I learn more and apply what I learn. I’ve coached over 2,000 people to this transformation as well.

Are you ready to be a true Body Buddy?