Body Buddies 8-Week Challenge CHAMPIONS CIRCLE (Summer 2017 Group)

You can’t help but be motivated by seeing these photos and reading the stories of powerhouse women who did the Body Buddies 8-week Challenge!


Name: Cheryl Coulter

Scale Weightreleased 25 lb. (averaging 3.125 lb./week)

Yes, prior to the Challenge.

“The PFL saved me, I have several health issues and my weight was out of control and growing! Between cross fit and PFL, I and feeling so alive and energetic!”

“I have learned how to shop and read labels and what foods are best to consume or avoid with my thyroid issues!
Reading labels! Eating and fixing foods from scratch and how to eat in restaurants by portion control.”

Digestion! Haven’t had to take a heartburn pill since I started this PFL, and no more IBS issues. Energy! My husband has noticed so much increased energy in me, able to get through my whole day without being sluggish.

Name: Wished to Remain Anonymous

Scale Weight: released 6 lb. (averaging 0.75 lb./week)

Yes, during the Challenge.

“Where to begin. I feel as though the flood gates have opened! Through mindset coaching, self evaluation, learning what a goal really should be and how important self discipline is to achieving them – I have a renewed perspective of life! My only regret is that I did not find Kristy Jo sooner.”

“Learning that a goal needs to be focused on the behavior in order to reach the ultimate goal has been empowering.”

Um… All of them?!!


Name:Kristy Pritchard

Scale Weightreleased 14 lb. (averaging .75 lb./week)

Yes, prior to the Challenge.

“I have grown so much in this 8 week challenge. I was suffering from postpartum depression which started 6 months into my pregnancy. I needed help. I went to the doctor and she wanted to prescribe me anti-depressants. I knew in my heart that my body didn’t need medication. So, I chose to dive into a Body Buddies 8-week challenge to help change my mindset. and to clear out the toxins out of my body.”

“I have done multiple Body Buddies challenges, but this go around the most important thing I learned is to focus on my emotions. To learn how they were affecting me; mentally, physically, and spiritually. To learn that I was in control of my feelings as longs a I would slow it down and walk myself through it.”

Mental Clarity, fat loss, and my skin and hair feel amazing!

Name: Wished to remain anonymous.

Scale Weightreleased 12 lb. (averaging 1.5 lb./week)

Yes, prior to the Challenge.

“The 8-week challenge was such an incredible experience for me. The thing that changed the most is my mindset. I loved listening to the podcast and the coaching calls. They were inspiring and motivating.
In the 8 weeks I accomplished so much more than I could have imagined. They were just dreams of mine until this challenge and now I’ve surpassed the goals. I learned it isn’t about perfection as much as it is about progress. I usually see things black and white and when I get discouraged and overwhelmed I want to just quit.
Kristy’s resources helped me push through the desire to quit when I wasn’t perfect. I tried to focus on consistency and patience. There is never a “good” time to start, I am so glad I did the challenge even though it felt like I was too busy, too stressed, and had too much going on. I am so grateful for the experience. Thanks, Kristy Jo!”

“Eating veggies at each meal.”

“I had so much more energy. I have always been a nap taker. I have taken naps every day for years. It was so amazing to me that I didn’t have to take naps and I still had loads of energy through out the day!”

Name:Kelli Dyer

Yes, prior to the Challenge.

“I am definitely more mindful of how I fuel my body. Good and bad. Rediscovered a love of veggies! When I feel like I need encouragement, I love watching your videos.”

“Not combining carbs and fat in the same meal. Making one or the other the fuel for my meal. Protein is never a problem, I love it..”

“My eyesight seems better! I am more focused and I contribute that to the morning detox drink. I get an instant jolt from it. My fingernails seem a lot healthier.”

Name: Gina Blake

Scale Weightreleased 10 lb. (averaging 1.25 lb./week)

Yes, prior to the Challenge.

“Purpose. I felt empowered, because I was given information and instructions that made sense.”

“Food combinations. PVF meals opened a new world for me. Finding out that I only had to have Cs twice a day. Really helped with inflammation. Water and workouts next. I feel alive.”

“Mental clarity and energy. I found by doing my workouts at night, I could sleep.”

Name: 28-year old New Mom who wished to remain anonymous

Scale Weightreleased 2 lb. (averaging 0.25 lb./week)

I read bits and pieces.

“When this challenge was coming to a close I first felt disappointed in myself. I thought to myself, I did not put my full effort in. I had more down than up days, I could have pushed myself more in every area. Which is all true and I think it’s important for me to realize that but to not obsess over it. I think in that sense of myself I have grown a lot. I like to expect perfection from myself in all areas in my life and from doing that, I disappoint myself just about everyday.
But this challenge has helped me realize this one day and this disappointment does not define who I am and what I want to become. I can make one choice today that is better than yesterday and that is good enough for this moment. I can keep adding one more choice that will impact my life for the better ever day, whether it’s nutrition based, fitness, or for my mind and that is how I will get to where I want to be. Step by step, slowly but surely. I have come much more aware of what I am putting in my body and how I am working out and that makes me happy. I feel better about myself and not so “stuck”. It’s exciting to see and notice differences!.”

“I think the most important principle that i learned was… there too many to pick one! The above answer would definitely go under here as well as knowing that food is not good or bad (seems or simple but I LOVE to view food this way) and that food is strategic or non-strategic.”

“I noticed that I have more energy now than I did before! Yay! I also seem to be in better moods, yay! And my abs are about a finger and a half apart! So that is all awesome! I have noticed doing these workouts that I am stronger in my dancing and I LOVE that (also kicking myself for not doing it all the years past that I have danced!) also, my husband even commented on my arms being a little more toned and not so twig like ?‚ I look forward to doing this challenge over and over and seeing what other changes I can accomplish! So thank you Kristy for your passion! The body is truly amazing and it deserves to be treated as such!”

Name: April Young

Yes, prior to the Challenge.

“I have gotten back to basics. It’s easy to get stuck in a mindset of convenience and excuses but when you get back to basics, the excuses seem to disappear. It does require a little work up front to prepare food but I have learned to just ask for help!”

“Progress over perfection. This is always the biggest one for me!”

“When I stick to the PVF way of eating 80-85% of the time, I notice more energy, I feel lighter, sleep better, have better focus, and the cravings are slim to none!! I lost a few pounds at the beginning, then fell off the wagon for a couple weeks, then got back on…so I didn’t lose a ton of weight but I gained something so much more important: awareness of myself. Awareness of what really makes me feel good. Is it losing weight that makes me happy? No! It is feeling good, having energy and focus. . .losing weight is just a bonus! I have renewed focus and have goals in place for the next 6 months at which time I will re-evaluate and modify if necessary. I also have a plan in times of indulgence and when I feel like jumping off the wagon :)”

Name: Kristeen Welch

Yes, prior to the Challenge.

“This was my 3rd or 4th challenge. I didn’t do well on this one because I didn’t realize I was going to be gone as much as I was. However, I did read most things and since my 1st challenge, rather I’m going to eat pizza or eat strategic, I love being aware of what I’m about to eat. These are definitely life long teachings!”

“Water, drink more water!”

“When I have time to really focus on fixing meals and eating PFL, I always feels better! Belly fat loss is noticeable, digestion is better because I don’t eat anything that upsets my system, especially since getting older, certain things are riskier to eat than they used to be.”

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