Bride Body 35-Day Challenge: Day 2

DAY 2: TUESDAY of the Bride Body 35-day Challenge Program

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  • I didn’t get a chance to hit a workout, so counted my three hours of teaching dance as my workout. To be honest, while many people say ‘that counts as a workout,’ it’s a totally different feeling than TRAINING your body. Sure, I burned some energy, but my body ached at the end of the day. Due to my scoliosis, I don’t enjoy days like that where focused training time whether at the gym, in yoga, or home in bodyweight movements doesn’t happen.

Eating Obstacles:

  • It was a long hard afternoon and I had an hour in between appointments while on the road, so did as I always do: find a Starbucks to get some work done. I should have ordered an herbal mint tea (my typical go-to), but as the weather was so muggy and rainy, I was super stressed over some to-dos on my plate, and the thought of teaching dance for the next three hours with my back not feeling great was challenging.Given these emotions, I rationalized that an almond milk “skinny” pumpkin steamer would be fine (smallest size possible). I did enjoy every swallow as I worked on my final edit of my newest book (not a nutrition book–a psychological/spiritual book), and didn’t experience any resentment  over my choice. The only problem was a bit more sugar than I would have preferred on a low-carb day. (Low-carb days should be kept to less than 30 grams of sugar TOTAL for the day. Track your food in MyFitnessPal to see the reality of your food intake *wink wink*).

Eating Successes:

  • I love, love, love Meal 1 in this week of the Bride Body Program! The end!

Supplements Taken:

  • 2 grams Fish Oil (afternoon and late evening)
  • 5,000 iu D3 (afternoon)
  • no magnesium (ordered and waiting for arrival–no wonder I’ve been slower in the BM department and crampy in my muscles when dancing)
  • 1 capsule Ashwaganda (for my adrenals)
  • B12
  • 2 capsules Echinacea (felt a little tickle in my throat so proactively take this to ward off any illness)

Today’s Craving Killer:

  • I was picking up a prescription for birth control (oh yay) at an odd Smith’s I never go to, and magically found my FAVORITE Apple Cider Vinegar cinnamon drink! If you want to see my HOMEMADE version, click here. As you can see, I also enjoyed Artisana Pecan Butter and a raw bell pepper during one of my many drives yesterday.

Final Day’s Macros:

  • Protein: 121 grams (perfect)
  • Carbohydrates: 123 grams (more like a regular carb day for my body; high carb = 175 g)
  • Fats: 72 grams (perfect)
  • Calories, 1,790 (only about 100-200 calories too high, but I’m not concerned as I feel it calorie bridges well with Day 1.

Today’s Energy:

  • I felt some new hunger kicking in later in the day and my energy REALLY waned in the evening while teaching dance. I had an Epic performance bar and some grated Zucchini in a bag for some carbs to help me not be a lame teacher who was dull of all life. Take one for the team, I suppose. (I keep those bars in my purse and dance bag for these instances. You can also get them at some Walmarts in the granola bar aisle).

Today’s Mood:

  • I feel very blessed and grateful. I was able to attend a temple service session at the LDS Jordan River temple with Nate. I love running into people I know, and was even more delighted to run into my Mission President’s wife with whom I served in Seoul, Korea for 15 months! What a treat!