Bride Body 35-Day Challenge: Day 3

DAY 3: WEDNESDAY of the Bride Body 35-day Challenge Program







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  • I was so happy to get in my 2nd day of the program workout at the gym!! Nate even joined me for this one and we added on a fourth set to really bring the heat to this upper body day! I found myself alternating between goals for myself on each set to do either 20 reps faster (trying to do it in 20 seconds), or 10 reps slower like the program says with a 10 second rest in between. This is a variation of Tabatas (why we did four sets instead of three) to make a 1/2 Tabata sequence. Many people who have been coached in Fitness plans by me are very familiar with this lifting strategy. It’s a strategic way to take the program of Week 1 to the next level (if you’re ready for it!).
  • I didn’t feel too great doing my 15-minute Cardio Intervals, but with Nate at my side on the treadmill (I was on the elliptical), all I could think of was not wanting to get smoked when we run our full length Tough Mudder in Las Vegas next weekend (yikes!).

Eating Obstacles:

  • I don’t know WHAT happened (I really attribute it to my body suddenly experiencing birth control hormones), but my hunger was INSATIABLE! I was driving to coach drill at 5 a.m. and this hunger was INSANE. I had my Epic bar at the beginning of the drive, but by the time I got close to the school in Sandy, I couldn’t take it. I thought my stomach would get plowed through with the tip of a charging rhinoceros! So I pulled off the freeway and to the nearest Maverick where I got a roasted Turkey with Gouda cheese (I took off the cheese). I ate half before practice, and the other half after around 9:30 a.m. when the hunger was screaming again.

    I drove to Nate’s place and pulled out the pot of his specialty chowder he makes in the Instant pot. This concoction includes lentils, brown rice, all sorts of beans, coconut milk, turmeric, natural peanut butter, sea salt, red potato, olive oil, chicken breast, etc. I heated it up (my, oh my it’s COLD here in Salt Lake City lately!) and ate three bowls. I would not stop until the tears stopped threatening to come from my hunger. I knew this influx of POWER FOODS (protein + carbs + fats) would be the best way to work on this ravenous hunger, even if that meant I didn’t have a calorie-deficit day. I was 100% okay with that.

Eating Successes:

  • By mid-afternoon I was completely wiped out from my early morning coaching, my workout, and some unexpected long conversations where I felt I needed to “minister,” (phrase you’ll recognize if a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints like myself). I needed SOMETHING to eat, and wasn’t terribly hungry from my three bowls of stew earlier. So I stopped by Harmon’s and pulled a KJo indulgence of lentil chips. I probably had a few too many, but given that I then had a four-hour dance coaching evening, I felt okay about my body utilizing the energy easily.

Supplements Taken:

  • 2 grams Fish Oil (afternoon and late evening)
  • 5,000 iu D3 (afternoon)
  • 1 capsule Ashwaganda (for my adrenals)
  • B12
  • 2 capsules Echinacea
  • St. John’s Wort for moodiness (4 capsules)

Final Day’s Macros:

  • I didn’t track macros today after all, even when I thought I would due to the ravenous hunger and eating so much stew. I didn’t have the time to add up the macros and calories in Nate’s stew concoction so frankly just didn’t worry about it.

    I don’t call a lack of following the written plan a failure, or like a deviated from the program at all because I didn’t. The program is designed to help me choose more PVF-based meals, eat regularly, and say ‘no’ to those foods that make me break out and stay fluffy. This includes cookies, milks, dairies, and processed, refined treats. So YES. I did GREAT! Anyone reading this should learn a lot from this paragraph! This is the mindset that helps you be sustainable and get back to the program when you can!

Today’s Energy:

  • I felt very tired and run down today. I was grateful to remove my lower calorie expectations for the day and focus on just having good energy, fueling my body, and listening to it. I feel these days are necessary for anyone doing a plan, and that decision to implement them can only be chosen by the person, and cannot be written into a plan. It’s a ‘diet maturity’ thing you learn when you’re in the game of controlling your body composition for long enough of a time. This is something my long-term Body Buddies are starting to learn to recognize as they use Tiers of the Power Foods Lifestyle.
  • Nate also made me a quick protein shake to help my low energy:
    • 2 cups Almond Milk
    • 2 handfuls Spinach
    • dash of Allspice
    • 1/2 c. frozen berries
    • 2 servings vanilla protein powder
    • 1/c. Water
    • PURÉE to turn it into a whip! Feels like a dessert!

Today’s Mood:

  • I finished the day really grateful to see Nate’s face again! He even took me for a spin around the gym as an end to a long dance day! I also was very happy with my drill team girls and how their practices went–they’re making great progress and even though I’m hard on them (it’s a turnaround team–we’ll put them on the grid this year for SURE!), I sure do care about them and their feelings and emotions tremendously!