Bride Body 35-Day Challenge WINNERS | Lifestyle Change Success

When it comes to discipline and following a nutrition and fitness plan, these ladies ‘take the cake!’ Actually, they leave the ‘cake’ behind as they focus on fueling their bodies with strategic nutrition in order to feel better, improve health markers, and even lose weight! I am so incredibly pleased with all those who participated in the Bride Body Challenge. The ladies that were in our GroupMe chat were so wonderfully supportive of each other. I loved seeing their meals, favorite ingredients, go-to snacks, and the little wins each day they would share to inspire each other!

Not only did I reach my own personal goals with this 35-day Nutrition and Fitness program to feel wonderful and confident on my wedding day, but it was a JOY to watch so many of these ladies succeed as well!


1st Place Winner: Lana Linstruth (dropped total cholesterol by 23!)

Before the challenge I was having days of brain fog and forgetfulness. Some days I would be driving to town and have a moment of thoughts like Where am I going? What am I doing?

It was getting difficult to have conversations with people. It was like I had nothing to share. My thoughts were shut down. This scared me. I’m only 49 years old! I wasn’t expecting to have these kinds of problems until well into my elderly years.

Just a few days into the challenge I started noticing the fog lifting.

This was a huge relief and I was so happy to realize that the meal plan, the foods paired together were working! The body needs fuel and so does the brain! Makes sense!

I usually struggle with what to eat. So, having the Bride Body meal plan provided was a huge asset! After shopping, I found that if I cut up vegetables and made up baggies of veggies, I wasn’t caught without a quick meal when I needed one during the week. And, knowing what was for dinner that night helped tremendously.

I hate trying to figure out what to cook when I’m tired after work and that’s usually when I fail to eat healthy because I just want to throw in the towel and order something quick and easy. So, having all that figured out before the work week even begins is a win-win for sure!

I hate to work out. So, getting past that mind set was my biggest hurdle during this challenge. The first thing I did is I found exercise that I enjoy, like walking my dog. I have always walked my dog 2 miles. Well, during this challenge, it became apparent to me that this was not going to cut it for someone like myself who only needed to lose 5 pounds. I was going to HAVE to up my game.

At the half way point in this challenge I had still not lost a single pound. I was doing the plan, but I discovered what I was doing was a GREAT maintenance program. I needed to lose that last 5 pounds! This is when I decided I had to create a plan that was right for me and my goals.

I took my meals down to 4 meals a day, same meals, just less of them. I did use the 5th meal occasionally when I felt I needed it. I increased my mileage to 4 miles a day and I included the 15 minute HIIT workout 3 days a week. I was able to trick my mind by telling myself, “it’s only 15 minutes.” And, the walk took me close to an hour. But, for some reason I don’t consider it exercise, even though I am walking at a pretty good pace. Finally week 4, I started seeing results! I had found MY plan!

But, here’s something I was not expecting: a mental hurdle I had unconsciously suppressed for most of my life. When I was 12 years old, I found out I had high cholesterol. It scared me then and haunted me throughout my entire adult life. At the age of 24, I was told by my doctor that if I DID NOT get my cholesterol under control, I would have heart disease by the time I was 40.

So, for the past 20+ years I have been living in fear. Scared to eat food, period!

I would try to make myself like things like fish, never happened. So, I would go back to what I knew–eating fast food. This yo-yo lifestyle was a total nightmare!

I found your program while researching “how to lower cholesterol naturally.” My current doctor told me if I did not get my cholesterol under control by the time I was 50 he was going to put me on a statin. So, now I felt like a ticking time bomb! I had a huge dilemma on my hands. I DO NOT like drugs! So, I became determined to bring my cholesterol down naturally with the right foods and that lead me to you.

Fast forward to March of this year, I had my cholesterol check. It was high, as usual, at 247 and my LDL was high at 168.8. I started this challenged on October 8. On October 25, I went in and had my Cholesterol checked again and to my total surprise, my total cholesterol was 223 and my LDL was 145!!!

Both now within normal limits!

I DID IT!!! Well, WE did it!

This has become my new lifestyle of eating and exercising because IT WORKS! My doctor is very pleased with my results and congratulated me on my accomplishment! I am no longer afraid to eat! I am free from the nightmare! I have tried many other diets, THIS eating lifestyle WORKS! I am empowered to live life again because I now have direction and a game plan that works! And, it’s all thanks to you and your education and constant encouragement! This would not of been possible without you!

My mother (she was my mother of the bride to be) turned 80 years old this year. She was recently diagnosed with dementia. She has always been an active person. She lost her driving privileges a few years ago and has been walking all over town to get to her appointments and things instead of taking the bus.

Recently, I introduced her to the PFL lifestyle. She was already eating a lot of the same foods, but not together like you teach. I helped her understand why we eat the foods together to fuel our bodies with the correct macro nutrients that it needs to perform. Just last week, she told me that after eating her Salmon salad that she had made, she felt so good and wanted to CLEAN HER HOUSE, she had so much energy! This made me so happy to hear and it made me realize why you do what you do. Helping others is such a blessing to our souls. (note from KJ: yes, Lana–indeed! I am so happy for both you and your mom! Joy! Hugs!).

2nd Place Winner: Roxanna (lost 22 pounds)

“I was successful in this challenge because I was able to find meals for an on-the-go lifestyle! Some of the cognitive improvements I noticed were that I was not caffeine-reliant or craving caffeine on days when I had had extremely late nights and early mornings. During this challenge I had an excessive amounts of activities and conferences. Finding the right foods to help battle the constant fatigue helped a lot!

The provided shopping plan, meal plan, and workout plan made shopping a lot easier by having a simple list to follow. It was great to have alternatives to swap out because I don’t like to eat the same thing every single day! Between the two it made me feel like I was successful with the challenge.

I have had to spend time repairing and jump starting my metabolism. Trying to eat 6 times a day was very hard for me especially early in the morning. This was one of the things I struggled with the most, but having shelf stable or on the go items that still qualified as good PFL foods made it to where there were no excuses during the day, even if I forgot to pack a lunch.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants a jump-start on meal planning but feels overwhelmed in trying to create their meals alone. Many times we overlooked some Basics and get hyper focused and one or two areas. This program allows for focus overall!”

3rd Place Winner: L. S. (lost 10 pounds)

(note from KJ: L.S. is a dear friend of mine and I know enough of her story to name her 3rd place in this challenge, even without a photo! That’s the best part of being in charge of Body Buddies–I get to make the rules! I am sooo proud of you LS, and pray you keep going toward these goals).

“I achieved my goals of eating consistently, having more energy, and getting more quality rest.

Over the course of the challenge eating went from a chore to an alarm clock type setting. My body let me know when it needed more fuel.

Having a plan was really useful. It made it very easy to shop for food and plan for substitutions to keep it interesting.

I’m a big big lady. Dieting and loads of exercise are not often kind to us. We burn out and get disgusted easily. And heading down the road of menopause is really not the time to go for a big life change.

But I wanted to give it a go and I felt at the very least positive vibes from Kristy Jo.

What could it hurt?

It was really hard to eat all the time. I physically felt ill. Disgusted with eating all that food. Not that the food was too much or so much. Nor was the calorie count excessive. More a matter of retraining my mind and body to eat at regular intervals instead of skipping meals and eating out at the late end of a long day.

My usual is to eat very little and demand a lot of my body. Not so cool to eat when the very thought of food makes you want to hurl chunks or your mind just says no…not hungry…don’t do it. Egg whites were gross little suckers to cook…like snot. But once they were cooked it wasn’t too bad.

Healthy eating plan became my mantra…healthy eating plan was my answer to office lunchtime ordering. Healthy eating plan was my answer to breakfast at 5am and food prepping.

Healthy eating plan was my answer to movie time.

Finding alternatives I liked to eat also helped me to be successful in my goals. I chose flavorful greens and local produce to change it up. I enjoy cooking so it was not too challenging. Fun spices and condiments.

Coming from a carb heavy culture cutting pasta, bread, potatoes, and particularly rice was killer. Just had to think …healthy eating plan…healthy eating plan.

I only did as much exercise as I could manage…no more and I congratulated myself on being brave in the attempt.

Yes, I would recommend this Challenge to others. The meals were balanced and varied enough that even with my crazy schedule (4a to 11p filled to the gills daily) I could still find time to shop, prep, and cook without much difficulty. I never felt hungry or deprived and I hardly missed my carbs and sugar. I feel energized and rested. And that more than anything was a very positive difference.”

My Own Challenge Success

While I had every intention of sharing my daily updates on the Power Foods Blog, I was unable to keep that bandwidth open! What the Challenge did for me, however, was remarkable! I did not weigh myself until the very end, and was shocked to see my “low weight” that I usually only achieve from hardcore dieting and macro counting!

While I do believe I am losing some of the muscle I worked ferociously to gain through my years of bodybuilding, I feel this approach is right for me. I am currently lifting weights 1-2 times per week while engaging in body weight training, yoga, pilates, and dance 5-6 times per week. My body feels it can carry my three-curve scoliosis much more easily. I am agile, flexible, and every muscle in my body feels capable, conditioned, and strong. So… I embrace my shifting body composition with open arms!

Nathan Wengert is now my husband, and I’m sure you Body Buddies will come to love him just as I do as I share him with you as appropriate in my posts and podcasts. He is an asset to this world, a gift to humanity, and has a passion for life and health that not only rivals my own, but helps me want to be better.

When his dad walked in our home the day before the wedding and exclaimed, “Wow, Kristy, you look like you’ve lost weight, my first gut reaction was slight offense. I’m not sure why my brain often thinks a compliment like that means I was unacceptable before. I quickly calibrated my emotion and shifted my perspective to view the compliment as it was meant and thanked him profusely. And the reality is,  I DID lose a few pounds! A few pounds on a tight and trim body is signifiant in pulling the skin tighter to the body, deepening the cheekbones, and clarifying the skin glow. ANNNNNND I put on my “small jeans” that I had purchased a year ago, but hadn’t fit into so the tag was still on them. I cheerfully wore them to my Bridal Brunch girls’ party that morning!

All in all, this was a beautiful Challenge. I so appreciate the hard work, contribution, and motivation all these beautiful ladies (we had almost 30 in our GroupMe chat!) put forth. I celebrate each of their journeys! We all must keep going, no matter how we did. These Challenges I produce are to focus our minds and give us a timeframe during which to heighten our focus and re-instill important habits. But my greatest goal for each of us is that each of these habits become part of our lifestyle so we may each reach our healthiest, happiest, highest energy lives!

Honorable Mention and Success Celebrations!

Danielle Brown

(note from Kristy Jo: Danielle has been an ongoing Body Buddy for a few years now and is one of my long-time friends. Something clicked for her last year and she has been losing weight like crazy! She has been very successful with a keto-style plan, done several challenges and coaching calls to help her learn and gain confidence in her approach! I was delighted to have her do this program as well and to see her keep working toward her goals!).

“I have become so aware of how I used to eat compared to how I eat now. Being honest with msyself and those that I am close with who have seen me struggle with my weight for so long. I do not have the same temptations I used to. Food doesn’t have the hold on me that it used to. I still LOVE food and look forward to eating but I am so aware of my choices and how they make me feel, I just don’t want to go back to where I was before!

I definitely would recommend this program to any family member or friend! I was already well into my journey so this wasn’t a starting point for me, just a way to stay motivated and keep going! It was so helpful and Kristy Jo knows her stuff!!!!

Seeing the scale stop moving and being ok with it. I have stuck with my plan and I’ve lost 40 lbs now(since June 23rd!). I am now rocking a body unlike I’ve ever had and the number on the scale has no effect on how I feel about myself!


Would you like to take the Bride Body 35-day Challenge? Nope, you don’t have to be a Bride, in a Bridal party, or even Mother of the Bride!

You simply need the courage and commitment to trust the plan, learn and apply new principles, and keep going NO MATTER WHAT! The program is extremely affordable and you get to keep for LIFE!

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Love your bud,