Bride Body 35-Day Challenge: Day 1

DAY 1: MONDAY of the Bride Body 35-day Challenge Program

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  • I got to the gym around 3:45 and would prefer not to train this time of day again. I enjoy dancing this late in the day, but not training my muscles or doing sprints. Nonetheless, I made it. My total workout time was about 50 minutes since I took a bit longer stretch time than the 7-minute Stretch on the program.
  • I added the Bosu Ball into my forward lunges and added multiple angles. My 3rd set turned into jumping squats up and over the Bosu ball which gave me a great quad burnout–the type where you need to sit down afterward so your legs don’t give out 🙂
  • On the 10-minute sprints, I wanted to be done at Minute 4. But I thought of everyone else doing this Challenge and decided if they could be strong, so could I. I pushed through and focused my mind on only one minute at a time. In that state of focus, you can’t watch TV or anyone else. It was just me, the bike, and the numbers. By the time I finished, I had sweat pouring down my face and neck.There was a slight wave of disappointment that my cardiovascular conditioning has waned since my last intense training time in the spring of 2018 for a dance concert I performed in. At that time, I could push much harder and go longer in my sprints without my heart rate topping 165 bpm. Now, I was cruising easily to 170 bpm and could feel my heart beating out of my chest (this is 90% of my Maximum Heart Rate).I knew not to push it TOO hard, and have enough experience to trust that by Thursday or Friday this week I’ll be feeling stronger and faster already. For today, the lactic acid burn in the muscles told me I had done my best for today. That is all that matters. Every little day makes me stronger!

Eating Obstacles:

  • My first two meals didn’t have a veggie as I coached dance from 5:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. I had an Epic Bar at 6 a.m. then an Almond Butter packet at 8:30 a.m. but was starving by the time I had commuted home, grocery shopped, and walked in the door to think about making my eggs and greens with oil. Nonetheless, I drank plenty of water and stayed strong.
  • I need to get protein in sooner in the day, especially before my workout. I noticed a difference when I only fueled with protein afterward from the way I usually feel in workouts.

Eating Successes:

  • I LOVED my eggs cooked in collard greens with coconut oil today. Plenty of sea salt on this made it taste soooo good!
  • I enjoyed the soup I made tonight with Meal 5’s ingredients (I swapped broccoli for other veggies). I enjoyed it so much I drank a whole cup of broth afterward to enjoy the warm savor on this cold evening. If you don’t have an Instant Pot, you need to GET ONE ASAP! I won’t cook using hardly anything else anymore! 🙂 I added chicken broth, garlic salt, liquid aminos, white pepper, sea salt, and seasoned salt for the broth! Filled with water then cooked on “Soup” mode.

Supplements Taken:

  • 2 grams Fish Oil (afternoon and late evening)
  • 5,000 iu D3 (afternoon)
  • no magnesium (okay, okay! I need to order more! Doing it NOW).
  • 1 capsule Ashwaganda (for my adrenals)
  • I’m going to watch my symptoms of dizziness and muscle cramps the next few days–I salt my foods PLENTY, but know my body and when I go low carb, I need 100-300 mg Potassium supplemented each day. I’ll get some tomorrow just in case.

Today’s Craving Killer:

  • Yerba Mate — I didn’t use a sweetener. I love the slight boost in energy it gives me as well as the flush of antioxidants in a hot mug on a crisply cold day.

Final Day’s Macros:

  • Protein: 103 grams (about 10 grams too low)
  • Carbohydrates: 61 grams (I’m totally fine with this number as a low-carb day)
  • Fats: 59 grams (this number could have been higher to bring up my calories to around 1,400-1,500).
  • Calories, 1,200 (this is lower, but I felt okay and won’t repeat this low of calories as I usually can’t subsist on this amount of food. I’m sure it was actually more fat due to the Broth I drank… so there’s that. Remember that fats are satiating and help you beat sugar cravings and feel so satisfied).

Today’s Energy:

  • I had lower energy around my workout, but other than that I did not feel much fatigue at all, except for when I’m typing this at 10 p.m. at night (BEDTIME!).

Today’s Mood:

  • I felt calm, confident, and happy today with everything going on and a lower food intake. I’m always aware of my emotions and moods when tightening my food as this impacts these things directly. I imagine in future days I’ll need to have my St. John’s Wort on hand.
  • My wedding earrings showed up in the mail today and they’re beautiful!! I also finalized a few more details on the big Wedding Google Doc to ensure I don’t miss any detail at all in the next 4.5 weeks. I want everything to go without a hitch and if there is one thing I know, it’s that effective planning is how to do it! I’m also using my ToDoist task manager to keep deadlines and dates straight and out of my head. I believe in getting those things out and relying on a system to do the work for me so I can live in the present and enjoy my life!
  • I got my wedding ceremony and family luncheon invitations mailed out. We aren’t having a reception as we wanted a small, intimate event with family, so the bulk of our announcements will actually be sent the week of the wedding. I found a cute stamp to go on the back of the envelopes that says “All you need is love.”