You Can’t Ignore This Terrifying Fact About The Supplement Industry

Dear Body Buds,

You may not be aware of just how shady the protein powder industry actually is. Perhaps you have walked into a GNC, Vitamin World, or Complete Nutrition and thought that all protein powders were created equally. Maybe you even thought you could get cheap protein at a Walmart, Target, or Costco and that you were one-upping the industry.

So . . . did you REALLY save money? Or did you just put a lot of junk in your body?


I want to give you a portion of my book that my editor took out. Apparently it was “too controversial” and I need to be known as the positive, uplifting girl in the fitness and nutrition industry.

I am (I think? I hope?), but I also want to be known as telling the TRUTH.

Here is the section of information that was cut from Chapter 5: Protein in The Power Foods Lifestyle:


“Instead of saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a product you wonder about using, I hope you will use the principles I teach to identify for yourself whether a product is conducive to you reaching your goals or not.

There are many companies out there looking to make money from society’s overwhelming desire for weight loss. Often, a new product is simply a replication of an already-existing product, just labeled differently. For example, the supplement industry is still without regulation at the time of this book’s revision (Spring 2015). New products can pop up anywhere at any time as they are not subject to pre-market testing.get-your-copy-today

Utah, the state in which I currently live, is known as being the “Silicon Valley” of the nutritional supplement industry. This is all thanks to Senator Orrin Hatch, who was the chief author in a federal law that exempts companies from any federal review of their safety or effectiveness before hitting market shelves. Go figure he has allegedly received hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions to his campaigns from these companies for his “heroism” and opening the door for more profits to be made.

It’s also no surprise that many of Utah’s protein powders are distributed by the widely known website which has is located just up the highway in Boise, Idaho. While I believe protein powder can be helpful for many people, I don’t advocate that the supplement is for all demographics.”

So, Body Buds, please take my recommendations seriously when I make them. I do the dirty work of investigation to make sure you get quality products. You can check out what I recommend here.

Continue onward in your effort to fuel your body, power your mind, and live a high-quality, abundant life!

Love your bud,

Kristy Jo




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