Muscle Cramps and Electrolytes

Do you experience muscle cramps at night? Or perhaps during or after a workout? Perhaps you’re experiencing one of the following symptoms of imbalanced electrolytes: Headaches, dry skin, dizziness, or irregular heartbeat. The good news is these symptoms can be easily remedied. The bad news is that many people do not remedy them, and experience…

Shredded Beef Stabilizes Blood Sugar for Fat Loss

Dear Body Buds, It’s always so exciting when I get my new Keto Delivered box in the mail each month! This auto-ship program to introduce new keto-friendly products is amazing! With anticipation, I cut the box open and lifted the top. I pulled out the first product my eyes landed on (due to the silvery…

Grass-Fed Beef

Dear Body Buds,

Let’s talk about beef. I love beef. You love beef. I remember growing up watching commercials that said, “Beef. It’s what’s for dinner.”

I grew up in a family who ate and loved meat. I also love meat, and the more I learn about the power of the naturally occurring nourishment in meat–like B vitamins.