How to Cook The Perfect Chicken Breast

Have you wanted the exact formula for how to cook the perfect chicken breast? If so, look no further! I have finally discovered the most ideal way to prepare chicken breast for maximum flavor, moisture, and ease of preparation in the Power Foods Lifestyle!

The Problem With Chicken

If you have ever tried to cook chicken and been left with dry, brittle chicken that makes you smack you tongue in your mouth just searching for moisture, you’re not alone!

If you’ve ever set your oven too high and burned all the way through the edges while leaving the center  a disturbing color of fleshy pink, you’re also not alone!

Chicken can be very difficult to prepare, but as one of the most staple Power Proteins in the Power Foods Lifestyle, it is important you learn how to prepare this healthy food with quality care in a repeatable fashion.

Importance of Protein in the Power Foods Lifestyle

Eating adequate amounts of protein is critical as you follow the Power Foods Lifestyle in an effort to improve your internal health function and shift your external body composition too for desired aesthetics.

How To Use This Chicken After Preparing

Once you have prepared this method of chicken breast, you can use it in many Power Foods Lifestyle meals (do you have my Recipe Books yet?).

  • Top salads with sliced or shredded chicken
  • Add cubed chicken to soups or stews
  • Add diced or shredded chicken to casseroles
  • Add diced or shredded chicken to stir-frys
  • Eat plain in a Fast-Grab meal
  • Wrap in greens for a low-carb chicken wrap or burrito

Cooking Method

  1. Wash the chicken breast and trim off any visible fat. I encourage you to purchase hormone-free, antibiotic-free chicken whenever possible. Please remember this food optimization decision is a Tier 4 principle in the Power Foods Lifestyle. If your budget simply does not allow you to purchase a high-quality food source, please focus more intensely on other principles of Tiers 1, 2, and even 3.
  2. Heat a frying pan with 1 Tbsp. olive or avocado oil. Spread the oil across the entire bottom of the pan. Grass-fed butter may also be used. Keep in mind that olive oil should never be cooked over a Medium heat. If you ever cook on high, please use Avocado or Coconut oil as they have a higher smoke point. This will damage the oils.

    –> FAQ: does this oil count in my macros? Click here to watch my video where I’ll tell you when it counts and when it doesn’t.
  3. Turn the heat to medium high. Add the chicken breast and sear all edges until each part is white. Note: this is not cooking the chicken all the way through.  Sprinkle with plenty of sea salt and pepper. You may choose to season the breasts at this point, of you can wait until after the chicken is cooked like I do. I find my preferences change often, so I prefer to add seasonings  at the time of eating. 
  4. Turn the heat to low and put the lid on the frying pan. Set the timer for 7-8 minutes. If you’re dealing with chicken breast thicker than  2 inches, you may need to do 10-12 minutes. DO NOT REMOVE THE LID. You do not need to flip the chicken at all. The lid will retain the moisture with low enough heat that the outsides will not burn, but the insides will cook thoroughly. 
  5. After the timer rings, turn the heat off and let the chicken sit for another 5-7 minutes with the lid on. DO NOT REMOVE THE LID.   After this time has passed, remove the lid, allow the chicken to cool, then either serve fresh or place in  BPA-free containers to enjoy later. Be careful never to put hot food in plastic and always place food on a glass plate or in a glass bowl before re-heating.

I hope this article helps you enjoy your chicken breast a little more! I would love to see how you’re cooking your chicken and enjoying your Power Foods Lifestyle. Here are two ways to do that:

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