Emotional Eating Therapy | Lesson 1 (Binge Bye Bye)

Are you experiencing Emotional Eating or Bingeing episodes?

They can easily rob you of your confidence, and fling you into a pit of shame where you would rather hide these habits than discuss them with someone.

You’re in the right place! You don’t need to talk about them with anyone right now–this podcast episode (scroll to the bottom) will walk you through Lesson 1 of my Binge Bye Bye therapy lesson and get you moving forward more confidently.

What exactly is bingeing?

These are periods of excessive indulgence in food or drink. There cannot be a full definition that all human beings are subject to, as each of us is different. What one strict dieter may classify as a binge by eating a piece of chocolate cake, a compulsive eater may also classify as a binge by eating an entire pizza.

Relativity isn’t to be used to compare to others; rather, I advise you to define what a binge is for yourself (more on this in the podcast episode below). 

While you are on the road to recovery and healing, I’d like to help and provide tools that have been helpful to me in my own journey to overcome 15+ years of disordered eating, excessive exercising, and binge eating.

It’s important to attack these symptoms of eating (and eating TOO MUCH) with a two-pronged approach:

  1. Strategic Nutrition (physiology of the body)
  2. Strategic Mindset and Emotions (psychology)

My Master Nutrition Book will provide for you both of these with strategic eating plans, teaching you to balance your body physiologically with proper meals that meet your goals. This just may be the what you need to help as you’ve been approaching ‘dieting’ incorrectly, without strategy. You’re so hungry you break. Yeah, this is real–you can’t rely on willpower alone to get you through! 

In addition to the meal plans, my Binge Bye Bye workbook is given as a bonus to the Nutrition Book. You will have the tools to read and implementing the tips, which will help= so much when it comes to digging into the root cause of these tendencies.

Are you sick? No.

Are you broken? No.

Do you have cyclical behavior that has been reinforced, and need to recognize emotional triggers and rewire new pathways in the brain? Yes.

In this week’s lesson, I will ask you to identify the emotions or situations that trigger you to bingeing. We will list the foods that you tend to turn to and track how often you indulge in non-strategic foods.

Human nature is emotional by default.  We cannot function as robots! So why would you beat yourself up for mistakes that have been hardwired into your brain?

It is essential to take note of your thoughts and emotions than believing you are trapped inside of them. This awareness will help you learn the benefits of developing a strong resistance to the negative emotions.

It is possible to rise above off your habits. To get started, join us in our Nutrition Challenge this week, and also grab a copy of the Master Nutrition guide today and control bingeing at home.

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