Episode #148: B.I.F. After A Binge

Getting in control of what leads you INTO a binge is our long-term goal. We do that with emotional and mindset strengthening, in addition to physiological balancing with the Power Foods Lifestyle. (www.powerfoodslifestyle.com)

However, having coached hundreds of people with binge eating and emotional eating tendencies, Kristy Jo knows that we need some tactics and strategies to help us  while we are working on that process. (Kristy Jo has seen it take anywhere from 3 to 12 months to re-program the behavior with consistent effort and coaching in her Binge Bye Bye program).

Tune into this Body Buddies episode where she discusses how to B.I.F. after  binge. This will help you re-balance yourself and get your body and head back in the game while you are working on correcting this addictive tendency.


Learn more about Kristy Jo’s Binge Bye Bye program here: www.bingebyebye.com

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