Episode #165: “Take Off the Guilt Goggles” with Amanda Barker

Are you a mother who feels guilty whenever putting time into fitness and your health?

Do you feel that you’re doing your family and children a disservice by putting yourself as a priority?


Tune into this Body Buddies episode where Kristy Jo interviews Amanda Barker, founder of HalfTee Layering, about how SHE does it as a mother, business owner, and fitness advocate.

You will gain insight and perspective from this mother of 8 who runs a successful business into how she views personal boundaries, keeping health a priority, and focusing on being the best person she can be.

In this episode, Amanda and Kristy Jo will discuss:

  • How she incorporates a variety of fitness activities into her life
  • Her morning routine that powers her up each day
  • Parenting tips for how she manages 8 children and a business
  • Setting boundaries for workout time.
  • When do do a gut check and take off the guilt goggles
  • Amanda’s Layering company that helps women have confidence and coverage to extend their wardrobe.

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