7 Reasons to add the Sauna to your Health Regimen

Does your gym have a sauna, yet you haven’t known why you should step foot inside? Or have you heard of people discussing the amazing benefits of their visits to the sauna?

I can first handedly tell you the benefits are 100% IMPACTFUL on your health and overall well-being. In this blog post (which I also discussed as a podcast episode even more in depth–click here to listen now), I’ll discuss with you 7 reasons why you should strongly consider making the Sauna a regular part of your health regimen.

I hope you’ll join our monthly 10-Day Power Foods Detox group which strategically uses the Sauna as a physical and emotional purge to detox and cleanse the body and mind!

1 & 2. Saunas Detox Fat AND Negativity

Our goal is eliminating the “toxins” from our body, whether it be fat or negativity, right? I am an advocate for both!

What if I told you sauna use could help eliminate the two? You better believe it, because it’s true!

Regular trips to the sauna room can help you feel happier while your body rids itself of pollutants.

How, so?

Because the skin is a major organ for detoxification, by sitting in the sauna, you are creating an artificial fever, thus raising the body’s temperature causing it to create white blood cells to fight off illness, purge toxins, and open pores.

As for mental negativity we can fall into from time to time, sauna use may lead to semi-permanent, everyday happiness! This is a result of the brain releasing an opioid called dynorphin, which gives the body a feeling of dysphoria. To compensate, an increase in the production and sensitivity to the receptors for the euphoric hormones (beta-endorphins) occurs, and then the magic happens!

Hello, lower stress levels! Who couldn’t benefit from that?

3. Saunas Decrease Blood Sugar

Let go of sugar! If you are struggling with insulin resistance, controlling blood sugar levels, or maybe unable to rigorously exercise, by sitting in a sauna (which is passively raising your body temperature), research suggests an increase in insulin sensitivity. Saunas are efficient calorie burners! Thirty minutes in a sauna will burn about 300 to 500 calories depending on our body’s height, weight, age, and gender. Relax AND burn calories!

4. Saunas Spark Physical Endurance

When we exercise, obviously core body heat rises, which causes causes an escalation of blood flow (also flowing — glucose, essential fatty acids, and oxygen). With sauna use, you are helping the body regulate so it can function better during increased internal temperatures, and this includes it’s cooling mechanisms as well.

This “heat therapy” in-turn, is improving the body’s blood flow through the heart and to the muscles. This means less glycogen depletion during workouts. One study found individuals using a sauna twice a week for half-hour post-workout could run for 32% longer until exhaustion than before sauna/heat therapy! Heat therapy can also protect against rhabdomyolysis, a breakdown of muscle from too much exertion.

5. Saunas Aid in Weight Loss

By turning up the heat of your body temperature in a sauna, you are giving it an extra chance to execute those fat cells. Think about it, just like when you are physically active and increasing your heart rate, forcing it to pump faster and work harder, saunas in effect are causing a similar reaction.

Sauna use lowers blood pressure, increases your circulation, which makes you sweat and helps boost metabolism. This extra jump in your system helps you lose weight faster. This isn’t a long-lasting effect though. When you re-hydrate, of course, some of the weight quickly returns, but with regular sauna use, the benefits of this type of detox are pivotal and sustained longer.

6. Saunas Decrease Pain

We’ve all had those intense workouts that sometimes even make walking the next day painful!


Lifting weights, running, etc., can cause microfiber muscle tears (which means they are growing, which is a good thing), but no wonder it hurts!

Did you know that saunas can cause endorphins to be released which act as natural pain-killers? Saunas use relieves pain by increasing the release of anti-inflammatory hormones like noradrenaline, adrenaline, and cortisol.

7. Sauna Use Leads to Better Sleep

Sleep is crucial for better health, muscle recovery, brain function, overall better clarity and happiness. Let’s face it – we just need better, and likely MORE sleep in our life. For those that suffer from insomnia, they can attest that lack of sleep pretty much means lack of consideration for everything else health-wise in a day. Good sleep is vital!

Can saunas really help with better sleep?

Insomnia can be the result of built-up toxins. Most people typically first turn to artificial sleep inducers, thus increasing toxins in the body. Talk about counter-productive! Try adding the natural approach of saunas into your health routine. I want to see you have better and healthier outlets to rid your perfect body of stored toxins, in whatever form they are, that are keeping you awake at night.
I hope these tips give you a sneak-peak into some of the great benefits you can experience by adding detoxing in a sauna into your health regimen. I would LOVE to see you complete my 10-Day Power Foods Detox and maximize your nutrition + fitness + sauna + mindset work with this mini jump-start! let’s do it!

Love your bud,
Kristy Jo



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