Are You Addicted to Food?

Do you find yourself eating whenever something difficult happens in your life?

Do you call yourself an ‘Emotional Eater’ or a ‘Compulsive Eater?’

Are you frustrated with the lack of control you feel?

If so, you are not alone.

In this episode of the Body Buddies Podcast, I will help you understand what you may not know about addiction vs. habit reprogramming, as well as the psychological hacks to start getting in front of your patterns of behavior.

I will teach you about the E.T.E.B. Chain, the mechanism by which all habits and behavior are produced. This knowledge will give you the power to take into your life and start being more aware of the subconscious elements that drive you, but give you the upper-hand to start breaking through your habits or addictions!

It’s beyond powerful, which is why I am SO excited to give this information to you.

The information in this podcast episode comes from Week 8 of the PFL Academy, a 12-week online classroom that will help you to re-program your mind around food, your body image, and all of your habits and behaviors.

The PFL Academy teaches you the truth about food and diet, and is the fastest and most effective way to break through your health barricades to reach the body, weight, and mindset of health that you have dreamed of.

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Once you have listened, what is your next step?

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You have the power to get in front of the habits that have caused you to be frustrated with yourself. You are not weak, you just simply haven’t been re-programmed yet. It’s time to step into that power, show up for yourself, your loved ones, and embark on the journey that will make ALL the difference in your life.

Love your bud,


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