Exercising for Longevity–Adapting Your Fitness Routine

How much cardio and resistance training should you ACTUALLY be doing if you want to increase your longevity?

The latest Body Buddies Podcast Episode (#220) will set the tone for your fitness journey by discussing nuanced information on exercise and overall body function. This pep talk is something that will help you make course corrections in your fitness journey, if needed.

Before we get into fitness, let’s remember one of the MOST important elements in longevity is nutrition. For this reason, I encourage you to regularly use the Strategic Day PDF checklist.

This checklist is an essential document to follow in deciding what goes on your plate each day. It is easy to get overwhelmed, trying to decide what you are supposed to be counting on your nutrition approaches.

Should you be tracking your macros?

Should you be using Peak Ranges in the Power Foods Lifestyle?

Should you be counting calories?

Should you be doing Intermittent Fasting and simply eating until you’re full?

No matter which nutrition strategy you’re focusing on, the Strategic Day PDF helps in keeping your focused on those top 15 principles that should be happening every single day.

You can easily scan the list and see what you haven’t eaten from the list of daily recommended nutrients to game-ify this process of mindful and strategic eating.

Besides focusing on food and other longevity exercises, learning to incorporate more movements in your day helps to contribute to exercising for longevity and fitness.

The human body is designed for movement.

It is said to have more than 230 joints, (more than 60 joints in our legs alone), so we are meant to be ‘moving machines.’

Instead of going through all-or-nothing cycles, consider dosing your exercise and integrating more ‘bite-size’ exercise into your every day routine. Adding activities like walking, cycling, occasional squats, skipping or taking the staircase in your day, will be of great help for your long-term habits and increasing longevity.

Hit the play button below to hear the detailed explanations from Kristy Jo in Episode 220 on the Body Buddies Podcast!

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