Fast Meal Prep and On-The-Go Meal Ideas

Are you hustling and bustling about this summer, trying to make healthy choices but finding the complexity of meal prep and being on-the-go preventing you from diving in to a true Power Foods Lifestyle?

If so, this is the podcast episode for you! (Audio Player available at the bottom of this article).

In this audio training, Kristy Jo will walk you through the Power Foods list and each macronutrient category (protein, carbs, and fats). She will discuss fast meal prep ideas, as well as ready-to-go products and tips for travel, camping, road trips, theme parks, and being on the lake or beach while living your Power Foods Lifestyle.

This episode covers:

  • ways to eat leafy greens every day
  • which meat bars are the best tasting
  • which ready-to-drink protein shakes are okay to have
  • how to get your animal protein in each day
  • the top nuts and seeds to eat on the road
  • how to hard-boil eggs for easy eating
  • which fruits are better to eat for your body
  • the power carbs you should plan to eat
  • when to shop and prep
  • ways to save money while eating on a budget



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