Good Dee’s Sugar Free Sweetness Brownie Review

Dear Body Buds,

Opening a box delivered to your door is always an exciting adventure, especially when you have no idea the contents! My Keto Delivered box each month brings me new goodies that introduce me to new products that work for a LCHF (low carb high fat) way of living! While not everyone at Body Buddies does Ketosis, it is a strategy that I use and teach for some demographics.

If this nutritional term is new to you, you may want to listen to my 5-part series on the Body Buddies Podcast that will introduce you to this style of eating:

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Today I want to tell IMG_0328you about the Good Dee’s Sugar Free Brownie mix that came in my Keto Delivered box!

In order to get into and stay in ketosis, a person must keep their glucose levels very low. This  keeps the body functioning off ketones for fuel rather than glucose. In a LCHF way of eating, we will typically see products that use sugar alcohols as substitutes for sugar (glucose).

As I flipped the label over to see just how much sugar alcohol was in this brownie mix, I saw that there were 8 grams per serving. Well, how much is one serving? 1/12 of the package. That means sticking to 1 brownie would be the best bet for my GI tract and not to have any tummy rumbles (if you know what I mean!). Sugar alcohol is a molecule hybrid somewhat like sugar and somewhat like alcohol. The sugar alcohol in this mix is listed in the ingredients as Erythritol, which is a popular sugar alcohol that has less of a laxative effect than other sugar alcohols. This sweetener is known for its slight cooling effect, kind of like the feeling you get after chewing a piece of mint gum. I was on the lookout for thIMG_4272at as I tasted my brownies, and though it was mild, I definitely could tell there was a sugar alcohol in there.

So here is the real clincher–when you are committed to a LCHF way of eating (Power Foods Lifestyle lingo is a PVF [protein-veggie-fat] lifestyle), enjoying something sweet like brownies in moderation can be extremely wonderful. Eating this type of sugar alcohol-sweetened dessert would be great for an indulgence, but I wouldn’t recommend it for an everyday lifestyle choice.

How easy was it to make?
Very easy. I simply melted 2 Tbsp. grass-fed butter and mixed it with 3 whole eggs. After spraying an 8″x8″ glass baking dish with an olive-oil based cooking spray, I poured the batter in, then baked the brownies according to the directions on the back of the package. When they were firm to the touch, I removed the pan from the oven and set them on the stove top to cool. About 10 minutes later, I cut the pan into 12 pieces as the servings indicated and had my taste. It was wonderful!

How does this fit into the Power Foods Lifestyle strategy?
Like I mentioned earlier, this would be a great indulgence–whether you are an Abstainer or a Moderator, you can meet the strategy recommendations with a delicious brownie! The nutrition facts of the mix didn’t account for the macros in the butter and eggs, so I had to do some math to figure out the actual macros per brownie (that was a bit of a bummer that I had to put in that effort):

Macros for the Mix (1/12th) –> Macros for the Brownie (1/12th)

Protein: 1 g –> 2.5 g

Carbs: 14 g –> 14 g

Fats: .5 g –> 4 g

Calories: 35 –> 70

Based on these numbers, 2 brownies (1/6 of the total amount the mixture made) would give you a full C at 28 g (peak range is 20-30g) and a full F at 8 g (peak range is 8-12 g). The fat, protein, and calories are not our concern . . . it’s the total carb number that leads me to caution my Keto buds:

keep your portions under control and only stick to ONE to keep your carbs to 14 g. This will take up the bulk of your carb budget for a day, so choose wisely the rest of the day, and consider eliminating even your carby fats like avocado, olives, and nuts and sticking to butter, cream cheese, and oils to keep the carbs down.

If you’d like to give these brownies a try you can find Good Dees brownie mix by clicking here, and if you’re interested in having your own Keto Delivered box arrive on your doorstep each month, you can click here to make that happen!

Love your bud,

Kristy Jo

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