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So you’re eating healthy and weight loss is occurring, but what do you do when cravings come out of nowhere and threaten to overhaul your strategic nutrition lifestyle?

When you are trying to lose weight, it can be very frustrating to have those sugar cravings kick in! Whether it’s a physiological reason (like a nutritional deficiency) that triggers the cravings, or a response to stress in your life (code SUGAR FIX), the end-game is always the same when you give in:


You know better. You know that sugar is the enemy to weight loss as it raises your blood sugar. You have done the Power Foods Lifestyle basic training by reading the book and making some of the recipes.

Yet . . . you feel so weak!

Well here is the fact, my friend.

You’re not weak.

But there are strategies to help you overcome the Sugar Cravings!

I discuss these in depth in one of my eCourse videos (available as an add-on when you purchase your PFL Starter Kit), but to keep it simple here, let me tell you three strategies that I employ often and would like you to do as well:

P.S. check out what happens to the body when you follow through with these strategies!





1.Have better go-to options than the normal treats.

These need to be planned ahead of time so you can ensure you have ingredients on hand. Whether it’s my Peanut Butter Kisses, Peanut Butter Brownie Cake, or Strawberry Shortcake, you will love having better options in my recipe books! (All three of my recipe books are included in the PFL Starter Kit).

2. Make sure you’re fueled with your PVF meal baseline (protein-veggie-fat combinations).

When you combine protein, veggies, and fats in a meal, you will experience better moods, more natural energy, and more satisfaction. This turns off the sugar cravings where carbs (even complex carbs like oats, rice, or beans) can turn on the sugar cravings. As I always say: Carbs are carbs are carbs which break down to sugar, sugar, sugar. Chapter 6 of The Power Foods LifestyleWhen you put sugar in your system, it will want more. That is why it’s BEST to fuel with PVF meals as your baseline. (Learn more in ).

3. Choose from one of the five (5) better snack options below to keep on hand for sugar cravings moments!









Each of these products are a fast-grab snack option you can keep in your purse, a diaper bag, your laptop bag, or the office drawer at work! (Click on the link to view on Amazon!).

Whether it’s a Dried Coconut, a honey packet, or cocoa nibs, you can enjoy something sweet! Perhaps you need something more “food-based” like a meat stick or deliciously seasoned olives!

It is SO much better to have a small bite of something delicious when you’re hungry (stay ahead of hunger) to avoid a massive overhaul in eating that might occur if you wait too much longer to eat.


You have the power over yourself to find options and solutions for your personal situation. So commit to that: be a solution-finder, not a problem-finder and complainer.

Your future POWERFUL body with better moods, more energy, and more confidence is waiting for you! Let’s do it!

#PowerYourBody one meal, one workout, one day at a time!

Love your bud,


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