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Dear Body Buds,

Let’s talk about beef. I love beef. You love beef. I remember growing up watching commercials that said, “Beef. It’s what’s for dinner.”

I grew up in a family who ate and loved meat. I also love meat, and the more I learn about the power of the naturally occurring nourishment in meat–like B vitamins,  Omega 3s and 6s, Zinc, etc.–the more I am grateful for the moderate* amount I eat as a part of my Power Foods Lifestyle.

Now, here’s the problem with beef as it stands in 2016.

Originally, all beef was grass-fed when being raised. However, by the 1980s a humongous shift was taking place–the majority of beef produced in the United States changed from grass-fed to grain-fed.

The switch has been favorable for many who raise cattle due to so much unpredictability with weather and enough goo

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d, green grass for cattle to eat. However, recent research has found that this migration in the cattle-raising industry is doing those who eat the meat a disservice.

This is because grass-fed beef has the recommended ratio of Omega 6s to Omega 3s for optimal cardiovascular health. It’s very easy for a typical diet one eats in America to produce very high levels of Omegas 6s and not enough 3s.

This is one reason in the PFL I recommend those who follow it take 3-5g daily of Omegas 3s (fish oil). This helps to correct those imbalances. The second way we help restore and keep balance in the body is through eating the proper beef that is already balanced correctly.

Now, we can talk optimal nutrition all day long, but the fact is we are all very busy people. It comes with the territory of the age in which we live!   I can’t always take a pre-prepped meal with me on the road for meetings, appointments, and travel. If I can’t keep the meat cold, it becomes inedible, and I am frustrated that I have wasted time and money in buying and preparing the meat, only to end up at a restaurant or grocery store to spend more money and time selecting another option for a strategic PFL meal.

So . . . when I heard about Nicks’ Sticks, I was elated! I thought I had to definitely give it a try because this may be the solution for me to achieving my highest level of health and aesthetics while being a person constantly on the go.

After my initial test purchase, I signed up for the monthly auto-ship program to make sure I am constantly stocked up on these delicious and nourishing beef sticks! I have found these to be extremely handy in between meetings at church when my tummy is going nuts because it’s so hungry, throwing in my laptop bag to eat in airports, and keeping in the console of my car for those times I’m on the road running errands longer than I anticipate. I love them!

Power Foods Lifestyle Application
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NIcks Beef Sticks Ingredients Macros

With macros of 10p/0c/8f we will treat one package of Nicks’ Beef Sticks as a pF. This means that you should pack a veggie to go with it to complete a pVF meal. The protein is just a little bit lower than our peak range of 15-30g, but again, this comes down to convenience, cleanliness of the product, and ability to keep our lifestyle going.

I am constantly telling my one-on-one clients that they need to stop stressing over the minutia and seek to ball-park everything. That is how we make this lifestyle doable. There are times and places to dial in and out of Tier 1, 2, or 3 living, and even in Tier 3 is this a great option for a meal!

*What does moderate mean? In the Power Foods Lifestyle, I do not want to see an individual eat more than 3 servings  of animal protein (meat) per day of their 6 meals. The only exception is competitors or top athletes working for very high levels of aesthetics or in cases where allergies to other protein sources (dairy, egg, powders) prevent someone from getting adequate protein to stabilize blood sugar.  With serving of meat being 3-6 oz. per serving depending on activity level and gender, I feel this is a moderate amount and in alignment with the LDS health counsel to “eat meat sparingly.”

Love me some Nick’s Sticks! I am grateful for great companies like this one working to make great products available to us!

Love your bud,

Kristy Jo

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