Holiday Gift Giving Guide for Body Buddies and the Health Conscious

Tis the season for gifting, so here’s what I’ll do

I’ll list all my favorites for my health-minded crew!

I’ll show pics and link them to where you can buy–

on Amazon (where else) since Prime is so fly!

Christmas is most definitely a wonderful time of year, though I’ll be honest–I will take the summer and the beach any day!

As I get older each year (don’t we all, haha), I think life and seasons are truly about enjoying all times of the year and living in the present. When we stop  looking to tomorrow for pleasure and we stop reliving the past to conjure up memories of days gone by, we get to experience true bliss and presence. So as of right now, I’m HAPPY to be in December, to have fresh snow on the lawn, to be walking over icy crystals on the front walk and the entrance to the gym, and most particularly, to love on my niece and nephews even harder this Christmas.

So now, let the fun begin! I have created a list of my Top 16 Recommendations for Gift Giving this holiday season.

Whether you’re shopping for your health-minded spouse, parents, siblings, children, or friends, keep in mind that the BEST gifts are those where we think about our recipient’s needs. Gift cards are NEVER a good idea, so think about your loved one and what will bring them joy as they use your gift to continue reaching their goals.

THAT is the joy of giving gifts.

1. VeggiDome — Glass Display for Veggies
Price: $59.99 (use code ‘bodbuds’ to save 10%)
This gift is perfect for the families who have children and need to get them eating more veggies! This beautiful glass display case is not only proven to help veggies last longer, but to get them out of the fridge and into plain site! Click here to watch my demonstration of using the VeggiDome. I LOVE MINE!

2. Elete Electrolyte Replacement
Price: $6.50 (use code ‘bodbuds’ to save 20%)
This gift is perfect for the athlete or the parents of young athletes who are sweating a lot. This is also a great replacement for elderly who are experiencing cramps, digestive distress, nausea, or fatigue. Click here to listen to my discussion on electrolytes with Dietitian Marysa Cardwell.

3. Protein Powder (click to see my recommendations for different body needs)
Price: $30.00-$75.00
This gift is perfect for the athlete or weight conscious person who is living the Power Foods Lifestyle or going to start. They need protein powder to make many of the yummy baked goods recipes that are in my Recipe Books and meal plans.

4. Nike Women’s Flex 2016 Running Shoes (in Body Buddies Blue).
Price: $54-$300
This gift is perfect for the woman who enjoys running more than 3 days/week.

5. Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance (this is the EXACT one I have in my home and use every day!).
Price: $122.00
This gift is perfect for the individual who needs to do home workouts, or do an additional HIIT workout at home each day. The recumbent bike is my highest recommendation for those with back, hip, or knee pain as this is a non-impact cardio activity that can burn a lot of calories, tone your legs, and strengthen your cardiovascular system quickly. (Make sure you have a Body Buddies World membership so you have the accelerated workout programs to go with the equipment).

6. Under Armour Women’s ColdGear Authentic Leggings
Price: $34.99-$49.99
This gift is perfect for the woman who wants to feel slim, trim, and “held up” in the buttocks while she works out! With a high waist and dry exterior, these are my favorite pants to workout at the gym and also teach dance in.

7. Plexus Body Yoga Wheel / Back Roller for Back Pain Relief
Price: $52.99
This gift is perfect for the aspiring gymnast, yogi, or dancer, for the individual in chronic pain, and the individual who needs to improve in flexibility. I love using mine at home each day, and my dance students love working with it to improve flexibility, roll out tight muscles, and improve balance.

8. Resistance Band Set (41″ for Stretching, Powerlifting, Resistance Training, Gymnastics, etc.)
Price: $49.99
This gift is perfect for the individual with inverted hips and knees, knee pain, a desire to grow their booty, or anyone in athletics. Using the band correctly is key for helping with proper pelvic positioning for improved strength and body mechanics. I will not do leg day without my bands!

9. Pedometer Smart Wristband | Fitness and Activity Tracker
Price: $22.99
This gift is perfect for the individual who is ready to start being aware of their movement and activity each day. They are ready to focus on their health and make an effort to walk more, take the stairs, and move during the workday.

10. Ozeri Pronto Digital Kitchen and Food Scale
Price: $10.41
This gift is perfect for the individual who is ready to start living a Tier 2/3 of the Power Foods Lifestyle and be mindful of the grams and ounces in their foods. This helps you create the proper environment in your body for healing and fat loss/muscle gains. Learn more about proper portion sizes  and food choices in my free download here.

11. Braun Multiquick Hand Blender
Price: $99.45
This gift is perfect for the individual who needs to make shakes, smoothies, dressings, puree’s, or other liquids happen very quickly. I LOVE my Braun and use it for early everything–in fact, I didn’t own a regular blender for over 5 years as this has been so effective!

12. Organifi Green Juice (to go packs)
Price: $69.95
This gift is perfect for the individual who is on the go constantly and not eating a perfect Power Foods Lifestyle yet. This green juice to-go will boost your immune system, provide your body with nourishment against nutrient deficiencies, and give you long-lasting natural energy. This is the BEST-TASTING green powder on the market…trust me! I’ve thrown many others away!

13. Keto Gourmet Foods Delivered Monthly to your Doorstep
Price: $39.99
This gift is perfect for the person who is living a Ketogenic lifestyle. This box is SO much fun to get every month. You will be surprised at how many new and fun foods there are, hand-picked from the best companies, all complete with recipe cards and Keto tips!

Now, this wouldn’t be a TRUE gift-giving guide if I didn’t mention my own products and services now, would it? Here are the top gifts others are gifting this holiday season:

  1. The Power Foods Lifestyle Starter Kit

    Price: $3700
    Who: This is perfect for the individual who wants to know the WHY behind what we do here at Body Buddies and the Power Foods Lifestyle. They will get the paperback and audio files of the book, 6 Sample Fat Loss Meal Plans, the Power Foods List, Food Prep guide, and 3 Volumes of Digital Download Recipes (over 150 yummy and health-regenerating recipes!)

  2. The Power Foods Lifestyle Academy

    Price: $267 (one-time payment) or 6 payments of $49.50
    Who: This is perfect for the woman who is the gate-keeper of nutrition in her home and family, for the woman who wants to lose weight and has tried every diet in the book, or for the female who struggles with body image and her relationship with food. This is a group I will be taking through this course and the doors close January 13. We begin January 15 and the Academy will not be offered again until later in 2018. It i s a 12-week online course with video lessons, guides, recipes, templates, and assignments. It is designed to teach principle by principle and grow the student’s confidence in herself as she makes changes in her life based on her body, her hormones, genetics, preferences, body type, and emotions.

  3. Body Buddies World Membership

    Price: 7-Day Free Trial: $19/$29/$39/$109
    Who: This membership is perfect for those who want to be told exactly what to do to lose weight, gain lean muscle, and gain a better relationship with themselves along the way. Not only does this membership feature a site where you have access to a NEW weekly meal plan and recipes, a NEW monthly home or gym training plan for full body muscle development and fat shredding, but a plethora of other resoureces AND a supportive Facebook group community where you may ask me any question. I even do monthly LIVE trainings in this group to  answer your questions and deeper training needs! We have a great time and I’d love to have you be a part of it!

That’s it for now, my Body Buds! I hope this has helped you to have some inspiration for gift giving, and perhaps it’s time to even get yourself a little gift 😉

Above all, I hope you stay positive, choose to be your best self, and never ever ever give up on yourself. You’re too strong to feel down in the dumps! So let’s go–you and me together. Fighting, trying, setting goals, finding solutions, applying principles, and kicking butt along the way.

#PowerYourBody one meal, one workout, one day at a time!

Love your bud,


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