Hypothyroidism Nutrition Hacks with the Power Foods Lifestyle

Hypothyroidism can often be the reason for many people’s frustration with body fat gains and feeling lethargic, worn out, and glum.

Body Buds, is this you? Then you NEED to join one of my webinars where I will be teaching you all of the hacks that I use with my clients to begin helping the body quiet its distress. I want you to know there ARE answers, and the answers are not always easy to hear, but when you’re ready to change your lifestyle, I can guide you exactly to what you need to be doing.

If you’re ready to STOP feeling lethargic, have healthy, nourished hair and skin, and reverse the weight gain that may have been happening, join me for my next webinar –you can watch from the comfort of your home! (Click Below to Register).

The other day, I was driving back from the post office where I shipped off a ton of my books. It dawned on me I needed some spinach and almonds as I had run out the day before, so I was going to quickly stop by the store as I usually do (that is how you keep fresh produce! Stop by the store 3-4x/week!).

While in the parking lot, I suddenly thought that I should take all of you with me!

I know it can be difficult to know which foods to eat, where they’re located, and that lack of confidence makes you shy away from this strategic eating thing.

No longer! Nope! I went on camera (it’s fine–you can laugh at my get-up for the day I was NOT planning on being on camera)  and took you on a tour of the grocery store!

Click the video below and enjoy hanging out with me! 🙂

If you are dealing with low thyroid, please keep taking your medication. Strategic eating is important to fuel your body and help the chemicals begin to function as properly as they can.
Please consult your doctor before beginning a new nutrition regimen.  
I have seen miracles happen in people’s lives  through the strategies of nutrition I teach. It is NOT a diet–it’s truly a change in thought, choice, and intention. I teach you how to be the master of yourself! 🙂 
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Love your bud,
Kristy  Jo



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