How to Improve Your Personal Accountability in a Lifestyle Change

If you have ever struggled with accountability to nutrition changes, a fitness challenge, or simple health improvements, it’s time to learn a more efficient system that will help you reach (and sustain!) your health goals.

I’ll never forget the day it donned on me that my Body Buddies needed to learn the system I used to make my own lifestyle changes. I was at my parents’ home in Santa Clara, Utah for a holiday weekend. Most of our festivities had come to an end and, as usual, my mind was on all of the people I am so blessed to interact with online.

The thought seemed to enlarge in my mind until I could not wait another moment.

I excused myself from the family activities, went into the basement, and stayed up the remainder of the evening working on this new 8-week Accountability workbook.

This book, simple in design, but effective in strategy, has now sold thousands of copies to help Body Buddies like you create change.

Before I go into how to use the book, I’d like to discuss some theory and deep stuff first (cause that’s what I do as a Mind and Body Strategist — teach, share, help you think, then give you the ABC checklist).

Let’s discuss change and what this actually looks like.

I’d like to share with you two simple truths I have come to learn and appreciate through not only my own constant evolution of my body, but coaching so many others to their own transformation too:

  1.  Accountability is only effective when proper bite-size tasks have been appropriately determined based on the breakdown of the desired outcome.

    Reprogramming behavior is actually quite simple and formulaic in nature. Though I didn’t figure out this formula until I was 25 years old, I’m grateful to have learned it so young. I’ve been teaching this for the past 6 years to individuals sometimes 60 years older than me!

    Though I could lecture on this topic for hours, the simple truth is your mind is completely a network of learned behavior it was exposed to.

    In other words, you are virtually a machine that has been programmed to be the person you are today. While many people define themselves by who they are, I get excited about the opposite reality: you are actually not who you are today or who you think you are.You are actually totally undetermined as it is impossible to be finite in this mortal dimension. As long as there is time marching on, you cannot remain the same. Time brings with it the “new NOW” and we will adapt accordingly to those situations, people, thoughts, and perspective.

    What this means for you: you have every ability re-program your behavior to start serving you. Yes, you will need to change some variables from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep, but…

    Is it possible?

    Heck yeah.

    Does it have to be hard?


    Is it going to be quick?

    Depends on you.

    Will you need coaching?

    You might.

    The key is that you know your desired outcome (a.k.a. PICTURE what you want to look like and feel like.).

    Then, envision yourself so clearly where you want to be that you can break down the small behaviors that will need to change in order to build you into that new individual.

    These small baby steps are those to which you should hold yourself accountable–not to the final outcome goal.

2. Accountability to oneself is the highest form of integrity.

In The Four Agreements, (easily one of the most life-changing books I keep re-reading), we learn that one of the most important commitments we can make in this life is to “be impeccable with your word.”

To me, this isn’t just about being honest and upright in dealing with others, but in speaking and acting in loyal ways to myself.

As you consider commitments you have made in the past, and the stories you have created in your mind that helped you navigate into “breaking” those commitments, reflect on what this has done to your integrity and confidence in character?

This is often one of the most influential places to focus–building confidence through compliance to nutrition and fitness changes–that I believe fortifies the soul on a very deep level. . . one of spirituality.

I hope these two thoughts help you consider that, perhaps, your quest for improved health is about much, much more than losing weight, fitting into a different pant size, or clearing up some digestive distress.

Perhaps this is a spiritual journey of building character, self-trust, and refining the carnal human within that needs to be  trained, disciplined, and tempered.

>> Listen to my podcast on how I believe Spirituality and the Body coincide.

Alright, MOVING ON.

In the video below, I will show you exactly how you are to use the book, and I’ll talk you through some ideas that you will find helpful.

I think this video will serve you best if you have your workbook already printed, ready to go, and can complete the tasks as I talk through them.

If you have not yet grabbed a copy of this 100% reusable PDF printable workbook, grab it here and you’ll have it in your hands in less than 5 minutes.

Love your bud,


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