Know Your Dominant Energy Throughout The Day

Do you know your dominant energy throughout the day? Learning this can help you with self development and to be more productive, happy, and fulfilled in your life.

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[GUEST CONTRIBUTOR] One of the most impactful Power Foods Lifestyle lessons, for me, was the energy archetype lesson focusing on mindset.

Kristy Jo started off the lesson by saying that “whenever you are feeling frazzled or unfulfilled, DO THIS!!”

There are four energy archetypes:

  • The Ruler (Queen),
  • Warrior,
  • Lover,
  • and Sage.

Each person has all these archetypes, but whichever archetype is your most dominant one tends to direct the feeling of your day and personality.

As you work on achieving more focus and flow between all four energies, you will have more happiness, fulfillment, and balance in your life.

First, the Ruler, also known as the “Queen.”

Your Ruler is the part of you that sets agendas, makes rules, and directs your life. For me, it’s the part of me that writes in planners, creates lists, and sits down with a calendar, planning specific schedules. Your Ruler does not take action to fulfill the tasks he/she creates.

The Warrior is the one who attacks schedules, checks off boxes in the to-do lists, and takes action for tasks that need to be done.

Your Warrior does not think. All your warrior does is GO-GO-GO. Your Warrior will get things done.

The next archetype is the Lover.

The Lover does not always mean loving a significant other, though it can be that. It could be that part of you that loves family, friends, or coworkers; they care deeply. It is also the part of you that feels the need to be the nurturer.

The last archetype is the Sage.

A sage is one who shows wisdom, so it is obviously the part of you that thinks logically and philosophically, learns, and as was said, shows wisdom.

The question that your Sage always asks is “What is your outcome going to be?”

A question to ask yourself is, Where is my energy most dominant?

This was hard for me to figure out, but I came up with my most dominant energy as Queen.

I have always been a go-getter and love planning out tasks. Simultaneously, I lacked in the Warrior energy. Even though I love planning things out, many times I will not let my Warrior take control and do the tasks that need to be done.

Kristy Jo taught us that energy archetypes help us learn about ourselves and why we are the way we are. She taught me that the Ruler and the Warrior were mainly our masculine energies of personality, whereas the Lover and the Sage are our feminine energies.

I also learned that everybody can develop better flow with their masculine and feminine energies in a day to achieve more balance.

Since I am mainly a Ruler, I have more of a masculine energy, even though I consider myself a feminine person. That was interesting to learn and caused me to ponder about some areas I could easily shift into other energies to achieve more balance.

Kristy Jo then asked us why we think our less-dominant personalities are in the position they are in. I concluded that I feel like I am scared to show my femininity because I’m scared to be weak and show weakness to others.

After sharing, Kristy then gave us a challenge:

“Talk to each of your archetypes,” she said. “Get to know them. Know their needs, know their strengths, and know their weaknesses. This will help you in your journey to find who you are and to give yourself an extra bit of love!”

If we begin to accept each part of ourselves through the energy archetypes, we will be able to get to know ourselves more and find a love for our unique and specific personalities that make us who we are.


Guest contributor: Rachael M. (contribution article post workshop with Kristy Jo)