How To Make Food Prep QUICK For Fitness Competitors

Dear Body Buds,

Food prep–we hate doing it, but love the results we get when we do it!

When you’re focused on preparing your body for an event, fitness competition, or vacation, it’s critical to keep your food preparation as a high priority. Without it, you’ll find yourself making excuses and not having the foods you need to fuel your body. Stable blood sugar from protein intake, consistent intake of vitamins and minerals to stay healthy while in a caloric deficit to reach your desired of leanness, and

  • How to prepare your chicken quickly
  • How to make your chicken taste good
  • How to steam your vegetables
  • A yummy “treat” for a veggie dip

Enjoy this little walk-through and take advantage of my contest prep training where I take the guesswork out of nutrition and fitness for you! With over 50 competitors I have prepped for the stage and 2 having gone pro, I have a firm understanding of what the body needs for different categories of fitness competitions.

Contact me at to learn more about how I can take you to from where you are now to jaw-dropping stage ready.

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