How Your Microbiome Impacts Bloating, Constipation, Brain Fog, and Abdominal Pain

Are you experiencing bloating, constipation, brain fog, frequent trips to the restroom, or abdominal pain? You may be experiencing a bacterial imbalance in your gut.

Your microbiome has a huge effect on your body and all of its systems. You may also be experiencing a Leaky Gut which is part of inflammation of your microbiome.

What is the microbiome?

Your body has trillions of microbes and microorganisms living inside. There are some good microbes that provide a symbiotic relationship, but there are also bad microbes which can be a variety of bad bacteria, virus, fungi, and even parasitic animals in your body. 90% of your microbes are located in your gut making it your control center.

Your microbiome matures between the ages of 2-5 years old but when your body experiences change like puberty, pregnancy, menopause, or any stress your microbiome changes. Which means that your microbiome is constantly changing.

Watch my video below for a quick training on this colony of gut bacteria and how it’s the ‘second brain’ of your body:

If you are feeling frustrated and like you have ‘tried everything,’ there is probably more to the story. I would like to help you take more of an outside-the-box approach to finding a working solution to manage any health condition. And sometimes, yes sometimes, these diseases can even reverse themselves as you focus on healing the original cause.

Here are the steps to follow when we work together in a Coach/Client relationship:

  1. Together, we will lay down a physiological foundation of nutrition strategy to care for your body physically. We will strategize a plan to eliminate foods and chemicals in your every day life that can disturb your microbiome and cause a leaky gut.
  2. We will work together on building consistency for your health plan through addressing the triggers and energies that hold you back–this requires building mental, emotional, and spiritual strength.

What are good and bad things for your microbiome?

First with the bad: antibiotics can kill off  healthy bacteria leaving the bad bacteria to cause inflammation, yeast overgrowth, and candida. Other problematic factors that feed this overgrowth of bad bacteria include refined processed sugars (think foods like cold cereal, lactose sugars, and white flours. These feed the bacteria and actually cause you to crave more. Until you kill off the bad bacteria, you may never beat your cravings. 

It is crucial you begin avoiding antibiotics (except in life-threatening situations), and do 1-3 cycles of the Power Foods Detox. This process will starve off the bad bacteria and you will need around 30 days to do this.

Look at controllable factors in your environment that can also help you improve your microbiome. Another factor to begin addressing is what you touch and put on your skin (a live organism that is the FASTEST entry point to your gut wall) like lotions, shampoos and conditioners, and cosmetic products. can throw off your microbiome because of certain chemicals in them.

It is not a simple fix to begin healing, but the steps to start the journey are very clear when you take the Body Buddies approach.

  1. Order your 10-day Power Foods Detox (it’s yours for life–repeat 2-3x for a full 30-day cleanse).
  2. Schedule your coaching call with Kristy Jo (click here for the calendar). Sessions are 45 minutes long and start at $79/session. During this call we will address the education and psychological addressing you will need to make this process very doable for you!