OOPS! I Ate Something I Shouldn’t Have…!

Have you ever eaten something you shouldn’t have because you were sad, tired, or just bored, then felt really bad about it emotionally and physically?

If so, you’re not alone.

I received an Instagram message this morning from a friend that I responded to. Keep in mind, she has been trained in the basics of Power Foods Lifestyle and is training hard in the gym. She would like to lean out and is using meal plans from my Master Nutrition Book.

Cute College Girl: “I kinda screwed up and ate oatmeal  at like 2 am last night. I feel like crap.”

Kristy Jo: “Oh no, physically or emotionally? It happens! You can’t be mad, just try to figure out how it happened so you can learn from it. Did you go to bed hungry or sad?”

Cute College Girl: “Well I don’t know, I was just really starving. I shouldn’t have gone to bed so late. And then my food couldn’t digest so I woke up feeling like trash.”

Kristy Jo: “Yes, eating those carbs late at night works against digestive patterns. Carbs are for energy, so it goes against what your body needs at night when sleeping. Next time, could you go for some eggs, nut butter, nuts, or guac and veggies? No matter how late you go to bed, you should still be eating a small meal every 3 hours or so, even if it takes you over caloric goals. The stress of fatigue plus under-feeding is the fastest way to push a binge.”

Cute College Girl: “Ooohhhhhh! That makes perfect sense! And yes. I could be so much better! I get the WORST munchies at night. It’s insane??!!”

Kristy Jo: “Yep, it’s all cortisol induced with stress and fatigue, so up your fats at night to help mitigate it. There are times it’s BETTER to eat more fats! :)”

Cute College Girl: “What do I do for my sweet tooth late? Like, I’m fine ALL day then the night hits, and BOOM.”

Kristy Jo: “Do you have protein powder?”


Cute College Girl: “Oh yeah! I saw that! I’m going to try that!”


Stop beating yourself up.

Take a deep breath.

Say this out loud: ‘I’m going to be fine.’

Take the whip out of your hand and say, ‘I forgive myself. I realize it’s an error and I will fix this in the future, but I’m not going to throw this day away.’

Questions to ask yourself following an emotional eating session:

  1. Was this something you could have prevented by prepping and bringing your meals?
  2. Was this something that was emotionally triggered that needs some mental discipline coaching around?
  3. Was this something that happened because I am under-feeding my body, or over-exercising?
  4. Was this something that happened because I was nervous or anxious and trying to keep myself busy?

I hope you will check out two videos I put for you below that may provide additional insight.


The Workout App I discuss in this video is no longer available, but my story is very important to listen to.

You can do this! Keep going–it’s a lifestyle that takes work and practice, and there is no finish line.

#PowerYourBody one meal, one workout, one day at a time!

Love your bud,