Grass-Fed Beef

Dear Body Buds,

Let’s talk about beef. I love beef. You love beef. I remember growing up watching commercials that said, “Beef. It’s what’s for dinner.”

I grew up in a family who ate and loved meat. I also love meat, and the more I learn about the power of the naturally occurring nourishment in meat–like B vitamins.

How to Get Ripped And Shredded

Dear Body Buds,

Getting ripped and shredded was always a goal of mine from the time I was very young.

Since probably 9 years old, I was very aware of the women who graced the covers of the fitness magazines that were placed at the checkout stand of the grocery store.

Oregano Chicken (PFL Recipe Book, Volume 1)

Dear Body Buds,

Whenever I go to prepare a PVF (protein-veggie-fat) meal according to my strategy, I want something delicious, yet fast!

Oregano Chicken from Recipe Book Volume 1 hits that nail on the head! With a delicious blend of herbs for the chicken and a quickly and yummy way to prepare veggies. This recipe is a no-brainer for those busy evenings with soccer games, meetings to attend, and is always better than a pizza!

Good Dee’s Sugar Free Sweetness Brownie Review

Dear Body Buds, Opening a box delivered to your door is always an exciting adventure, especially when you have no idea the contents! My Keto Delivered box each month brings me new goodies that introduce me to new products that work for a LCHF (low carb high fat) way of living! While not everyone at…

PFL Principles for Travel: Part 2

Hello Body Buds! Does a  busy travel schedule deter you from reaching your health goals? “I won’t have time to food prep.” “I don’t have a fridge in my hotel room.” “I’m in conferences all day and they serve us food that I don’t want to turn down.” Sound familiar? Well buds, I have good news. Yes, it is…

PFL Principles for Travel: Part 1

Dear Body Buds, Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you may have some anxiety about how to live a strategic eating lifestyl ewhile on the road. Being outside of your regular routine and structure can put you in an environment for falling victim to every day foods others eat that you know won’t get…

Food Prep–It’s a Must!

Dear Body Buds, Food prep is a staple part of life that shouldn’t be ignored if you really want to create lasting health and prevent or even manage disease. Over the past few years of my life since the inception of Body Buddies, I have learned through my own experience, and that of my clients…