PFL Principles for Travel: Part 1

Dear Body Buds,

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you may have some anxiety about how to live a strategic eating lifestyl ewhile on the road. Being outside of your regular routine and structure can put you in an environment for falling victim to every day foods others eat that you know won’t get you to your goals. You want to succeed in optimizing your health and the way you look, but it seems impossible, right?

Trust me, it’s not. But you need a few things:

1. A strong mindset

2. Planning and preparation

I can help with both of those. 🙂

First of all, you need a ‘why.’ You need a compelling reason of what it means to you and what you’re getting out of this strategic lifestyle. Are you trying to lower your cholesterol? Do you want to gain more confidence? Are you training for an event or physique competition? Whatever your reason for living The Power Foods Lifestyle may be, your motivating reason needs to be compelling.

Once you identify your why, you can “clean out the guck in your mind.” Learn how to do that by watching this 2-minute video.

Next, you need to plan and prepare.

Watch this video where I talk through the items I packed to fly to a conference the other day. It took me 1 hour to prepare this food and put in the fridge, or leave on the counter. I did this the night before, along with packing my luggage, then put these items in my cooler before flying out early in the morning. Having my own foods prepared made life super simple for me and I was able to have no stress about the food issue for the 3-day conference.

Try packing some of these items the next time you fly or drive somewhere. You’ll see how wonderful it is to be prepared! You can also prepare several great recipes for the road by checking out the simple, yet delicious recipes of the Power Foods Lifestyle Recipe Books.
Bell Pepper: Buy several different colors and cut up in strips. These will keep better if packed near an ice pack. 
Celery: Wash and cut up in strips, or even bite-size chunks in a Ziploc bag. 
Broccoli/Cauliflower Florets: Place them raw in individual Ziploc bags for easier grab-and-go once you’re at your destination or en route. 
Jennie O Turkey Breast: I call this “brick turkey” and usually find it at Harmon’s or Smith’s in the Western United States. It is my favorite on-the-go protein as it keeps fairly well without being refrigerated, is easy to cut up in sticks (pictured above), dice for salads, or eat in big thick 3-4 oz. chunks. It’s delicious, too! 
Olives: As you saw in the video above, I placed these in a small container after draining. These were delicious to snack on during my conference! Can you do black OR green? YES!
Canned Tuna: Get the pop-top variety so you don’t get in trouble for taking a can opener through security! (Needs to be canned in water!)
Natural Almond/Peanut Butter:  Justin’s brand has self-serve packets (2 Tbsp. per packet, so that’s your ‘F’ for two different PVF meals–portion control!). Check your local Whole Foods, REI, or health food aisle at mainstream grocery stores.
PB2: Powdered peanut butter (check the different flavors). You can order this at a great deal on Vitacost.
Xocai Chocolate: my favorite premier-grade dark, Belgian chocolate! You can order it here, or you can contact me as I sell it at a HUGE discount plus shipping.

Source 10 Protein Powder: this is my favorite protein powder! Head over to JDJ Nutrition and use my code ‘bodbuds’ to save 15%!

Avocados: Buy them slightly green and firm to the touch so they have a 1-2 day ripening window before you need them. You can use this everyday hotel item to cut them! PLEASE don’t take a knife through airport security!
Raw Cashews/Almonds: These work well in a Ziploc bag or in a container like you see here. I would prefer snack-size bags portioned out, as I found I did some mindless munching as they were in this container (boredom during conferences–we have to watch out for that!).
I hope this helps you think through some great options for travel that will help you better reach your goals! You will also benefit from listening to my podcast episode that discusses ordering foods in airports. You’ll learn even more about how to strategically order.
And if you want to be REALLY awesome, grab your FREE copy of my book, The Power Foods Lifestyle, to read on the plane or give to someone you meet. I give away two free books on every flight I make as a personal goal. I always pray the right people who need my message of hope will be placed next to me in seating assignments.
Are you someone who I met on a flight or by random chance? If so, tell us the story in the private group: Power Foods Lifestyle Champions. I would love to hear it.

Wishing you safety in travel and success in strategic eating!

Be sure to catch Part II of the PFL for Travel here!

Love your bud,

Kristy Jo





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