PFL Principles for Travel: Part 2

Hello Body Buds!

Does a  busy travel schedule deter you from reaching your health goals?

“I won’t have time to food prep.”

“I don’t have a fridge in my hotel room.”

“I’m in conferences all day and they serve us food that I don’t want to turn down.”

Sound familiar?

Well buds, I have good news. Yes, it is very possible to eat strategically while traveling for either business or pleasure. A couple of weekends ago, Kristy Jo and I headed to L.A. for a three-day conference. While we were there, we Ate. On. Point. #goals

Here’s what we did and encourage you to do too:

  • Pack a cool full of pre sliced meats, veggies, and any other food that need to be kept cool. Just be sure your Tupperware isn’t glass and that you don’t have any liquids over 3 oz. so security doesn’t have to confiscate all your food. 😉
  • Brings baggies of mixed nuts.
  • Pop top cans or tear open bags of tuna or chicken.
  • Protein shakes and bars (try not to have more than 2x daily.

When it came time for lunch or dinner, we ran to Subway just a couple blocks away from our hotel. Kristy ordered a PVF meal, and I ordered a PVC meal.

Kristy Jo’s salad had double chicken, spinach, lots of different veggies, avocado, and olives.

P– Double Chicken Breast

V– Veggies

F– Avocado/Olives

I ordered a turkey sandwich with veggies, double meat, mustard, vinegar, and no mayo or cheese.

P– Double Turkey

V– Veggies

C– Italian Honey Wheat Bread

Its very simple to stay in your strategy for fat loss, maintenance, or even gains while traveling. Simply make sure you’re aware of whether you will be eating Fat OR carbs, make sure you have a good source of protein (15-30 grams), and eat your veggies!!

Miss Part I of the PFL for Travel?  Read it here!

Love your bud,

Brooke Grayston
Guest Contributor



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