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Getting clear on what’s going on in the space between your two ears is more important than you may have previously thought.

Sure, it sounds important–people are very quick to say “mindset matters.” But in my world of coaching individuals through their irrational thoughts, limiting beliefs, and lack of follow through, I know that the mental battles you face hour by hour if not minute by minute are those that will make or break your desire to be happy and have joy each day.

It’s hard, and you get wrapped up in human emotion.

Whether it’s fatigue from your never-ending to-do list or stress from your assumed expectations of others, you may be left feeling frazzled most of the day. Add into that the stress you create by constantly jumping on social media and letting the notifications popping up on your phone be the driver of your time.

No matter where your stress and heavy emotions come from, know that there are ways of more efficiently coping with life–and no, the answer isn’t just “have more faith” or “be happier.”

The answer is to apply mindset strategies that help you gain a more agile mind, cultivate faith, and harness the power of self-control.

As you take responsibility for the condition of your mind and purposefully create an environment where you are calm and aware of the situations going on, you will feel yourself entering a new state of function.

You will have less anger.

You will be less critical of yourself and others.

And more importantly, you will feel God’s love for you more often.

It’s time to learn the process of Awareness by going up into the bleacher seats of your mind.

Imagine yourself in a professional football stadium with bleachers towering up into the clouds, surrounding the playing field. The playing field is where you live your life.

This is where you’re making “plays” and trying to get ahead, but you are also taking some brunt force from the opposition on the field. The opposition can be either adversarial (negative spiritual influences) or self-imposed (unhealthy patterns and programming).  

As you imagine yourself climbing up high on the bleacher seats, you will be able to more easily see the playing field. You will see the different teams at play, and you will more easily gain perspective of the entire situation, not just from your limited vantage point on the playing field.

While you are sitting on the bleacher seats of your mind, take yourself through three actions that will help you get clear and logically process through life situations and emotions that feel difficult:

What are the fouls that are taking place?

You may see that there are temptations from the adversary present that you have the power to eliminate. I also believe that the adversary has the power to help program into you the negative mindsets so then the job is done, and you simply “play the tape,” repeating the same self-sabotaging dialogue to yourself.

You may also see that you have certain patterns that need interrupting and redirecting (gossiping, assuming, shaming, lying, blaming).

What penalties/consequences need to be applied? (Keep in mind that penalties and consequences are not always negative!)

When you recognize the adversary’s presence, it is important to cast it out and strengthen your spiritual armor. This can be done through your music choices, spending time in prayer, scripture study, or meditation.

If the fouls that are taking place are from your own patterns or programming of those subconscious dialogues, you will identify particular mental discipline tools that need to be applied.

There are certain formulas to be followed like re-framing negative labels, re-routing the lies, stopping the assumptions, forgiveness, and more.

These are specific tools that I teach one by one over at Power Your Life Today.

What perspective is there to be gained of the entire situation?

When you are sitting on the bleacher seats of your mind, you may see that you missed another person’s perspective that was very important.

You may have been so wrapped up in your own viewpoint that you failed to have compassion and charity for others on the playing field.

Look down on the situation and see the “players” involved.

What could their thoughts or experience bring to the table that you need to bring  into account?

Is there more patience and charity within yourself that should have been applied?

Is there an apology that needs to be made, or an assumption that should be dropped?

I have been working with a young mother in her early thirties for the past few months on her mental agility. She came to me wanting to gain more awareness of her mind and manage her emotional eating.

As we worked together to figure out trigger situations that left her feeling worthless, tired, over-stretched, like a failure, or angry, we were able to work the formula for changing the direction of her energy when these situations occurred.

The process all began with her journaling about what she saw while on the bleacher seats of her mind.

Now, several months later, she feels like she can stop and process her thoughts before letting her actions get the best of her.

She has stopped emotionally eating and has been losing weight, not for the sake of losing weight, but for the sake of getting a handle on her impulses and better controlling her mind.

She feels thrilled to have this new mental control.

I know that change is more possible than you know–it just takes application of some simple formulas.  

Take out your journal and for 15-20 minutes, take yourself through those three questions regarding the last situation that left you feeling down in the dumps.

Do not hide from yourself (though if you are new to this, it may feel scary!). Seek to be honest and get clear on what is really going on.

I know you will experience many a-ha moments and insights as you go up on the bleacher seats of your mind. You will then be in a position to start making other enhancing adjustments to grow your faith, control your impulses, and walk each day standing a little taller.

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