#PowerYourBody The Lord’s Way (A Spiritual Perspective)

Dear Body Buds,

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of speaking at Snowy Peaks’ “So You Don’t Fit The Mold, An Event For Women” in Salt Lake City, Utah. I love every opportunity I have to speak and share these truths and perspectives that have changed my life, and the lives of hundreds of others.

I spoke after lunch and joked about how they purposely placed me there so all those in attendance wouldn’t change the way they ate after hearing me speak.


I began my presentation by having everyone stand up in the audience. (I waited for those who were hesitant, haha. They finally stood up with some prodding). I then told the women in attendance that I was going to share with them some things about what I have discovered to be one of our top insecurities as human beings–our bodies.

“Do I have permission to share with you some strategies, tools, and perspectives that may be of value to you in your personal journeys?” I asked. 

“Yes!” they agreed unanimously. 

With that, I began.

Though my presentation went a slightly different direction than my practice I did the day before, I wanted to share this with you.

Do I have your permission to share some strategies, tools, and perspectives that may be of value to you in your personal journey?

If so, please click here to access the presentation. I hope it will be of service to you, and that you will share with others who need this training as well.

I believe in you. I love you. I know you have a fighting spirit within!

Love your bud,

Kristy Jo

P.S. I am available as a health/nutrition/fitness speaker at your next event. Please send inquiries to support@body-buddies.com.

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