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The Power Foods Lifestyle AUDIO BOOK: Edition 2


I am the first to tell people “GIVE ME THE AUDIO BOOK OR I WILL NOT READ IT!” If you would like the version for $19.95, please click here. Or if you would like my discounted version with my own links to the files (not as simple as logging into the Audible app, but saves money and doable if you just download the files to your phone!), download it here!!!!

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The Powerfoods Lifestyle will help you lose weight, repair a damaged metabolism from years of yo-yo dieting and decrease your risk for chronic disease while naturally increasing your energy levels. This scientifically based method of eating presents a new way of thinking about food, teaching you how to pair your nutrients in portion sizes that balance your blood sugar and keep your body in a fat-burning state day or night.

The Powerfoods Lifestyle will help you convert to a lifestyle of eating wholesome, natural foods and facing each new day with a heightened awareness of what happens in your body whenever you put food in your mouth. As you adopt principles of the PFL into your lifestyle, you may see your cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar readings approach normal ranges. This isn’t the quick fix – it’s the real fix. One meal. One workout. One day at a time.

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