How to Recover From Stress & Emotional Sabotage

If you have ever thought, ‘I feel like I’m wasting my time,’ ‘All this work is pointless,’ or even ‘I am so sick and tired of my self-sabotage,’ this message is for you.

The other day I was reflecting on these thoughts that inevitably come our way when we are trying to improve our nutrition, fitness, and body goals. Self-sabotage comes easily, and we feel guilt, shame, and frustration around not meeting our own expectations.

I CONFESS: I used to be SO DANG HARD on myself whenever I’d break from my goals, eat the cookie (or whole bag, haha), and lay in bed miserable with a tummy ache, gas, and shame.

What was wrong with me? Why couldn’t I follow through? Was I broken?

Maybe you’re no different than I used to be?

The fact is:

It’s very, very, very difficult to be ‘perfect’ even when you know better. That’s because you are a human being going through LIFE, and unless your entire life’s success is based on your follow-through with your nutrition and fitness, YOU. WILL. FALL. DOWN. AT. TIMES.

So what, you’re not going to even try since you know you’ll fall down and sabotage your efforts?

That’s basically the equivalent of saying, “I’m just not going to drink water since I’ll have to drink more later–what is the point?”

You see, you are not broken when life happens–you got home too late to grocery shop, there was an emergency to attend to and so food prep didn’t happen, your child was sick at school so you weren’t able to hit your noon workout . . . the list of possible ‘upsets’ is endless. At this point, sabotage hasn’t happened yet, but your frustration with life events is what PROVOKES that sabotage and shame.

That is why the key to being a Body Buddy is NOT in the act of perfection, but in embracing the struggle, and refusing to stay down when you get knocked down.

No, we fight back.

We get up.

We re-strategize. 

We DO NOT let self-sabotage happen for very long as we recognize it.

We ask ourselves how we can be solution finders instead of problem talkers.

Oftentimes, the best solution is to get back to the basics and be resourceful (that’s what I’m here for!):

  1. Print your weekly nutrition roadmap meal plan from BBW. This will guide your grocery shopping and food choices.
  2. Print the 3 recipe ideas to try. Even if you don’t have time to make them, you can at least make sure you have the ingredients for the “maybe I’ll have time” event.
  3. Print the monthly workout plan for home or gym. Maybe you’ll miss a few workouts, but at least the ones you DO hit will have far better efficiency and focus.
  4. Focus on ONE goal for the week in Nutrition, Fitness, Mindset, and Spirituality. Use the tips ideas in BBW to guide your focus and set your intentions each week.

Do not stay down when you get knocked down. Get up. Get up. Get up.

In reflecting on this topic, I came across a brilliant article by Brene’ Brown that I thought you might enjoy reading. You might also enjoy listening to my podcast episode called Flat Tires and Rest Stops. It’s all about the psychology of what to do when you feel you’ve fallen down too much and you’re frustrated.

Remember that you have the power to stand a little taller, eat a little better, and focus a little more. Your body is your precious vehicle for life. Help it help you live with more focus and clarity. No more sabotage; more self-sufficiency!

It’s time to #PowerYourBody one meal, one workout, one day at a time!

How I Figured All Of This Out…

Nutritional healing is powerful, and I got my first taste of it when I started competing in Figure competitions in 2012. I swung from an excessive and obsessive life of binge eating, dieting, and excessive exercising into an excessive and obsessive life of controlled, calibrated dieting, strategic training, and narrow focus. In the midst of that first epiphany of learning about protein and veggie backbones (it just dawned on me one day while listening to a YouTube video on nutrition, I decided to start a Facebook page called Body Buddies.

From that time on, as well as starting my first blog called What I Wish I Would Have Known, people came to me for coaching. While I had been a certified personal trainer since 2010 and a dance teacher since 2002, I initially turned them down. I was still figuring it out and wasn’t ready to help others.

But after enough pleading, I did take on clients with one rule: we were to work as a team. I would research, they would comply, and we would treat their body as giving us data on my hypothesis. This process by which each of my clients have worked with me as a team has led to the greatest evolution in a knowledge of the science that works in each unique person’s body for different goals. Now, having coached over 2,000 people at the time of this writing, I am so grateful for those years of working in the trenches with my clients.

I study the academia–peer-reviewed research, and books and other information put out by respected naturopathic doctors, therapists, physicians, and trainers. I absorb all of the information, then ask deeper questions to find the flaws in the data and research–to leave room for the what if scenario that may happen for someone. This inquisitive mindset has helped me to be teachable, and continue to refine my teaching of the Power Foods Lifestyle for all of my Body Buddies who find the information blessing their lives.

Love your bud,

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