Shredded Beef Stabilizes Blood Sugar for Fat Loss

Dear Body Buds,

It’s always so exciting when I get my new Keto Delivered box in the mail each month! This auto-ship program to introduce new keto-friendly products is amazing!

With anticipation, I cut the box open and lifted the top. I pulled out the first product my eyes landed on (due to the silvery packaging–yes, I love shiny things!). Here’s what it was!


This Machaca traditional shredded beef jerky was perfect to throw in the car for some blood sugar stability when I was on a commute for some meetings. Though the shredded texture wasn’t ideal to eat in the car with my air conditioning on  (haha, yep, shortly after this photo was taken at a red light–don’t you fret–my hair was full of the shredded beef!), it was yummy and helped to keep my tummy from rumbling!

I couldn’t find any nutrition facts online about it as the back was void of a nutrition label, but I would imagine it had a good balance of protein and fats with hardly any carbs at all! Check it out on Amazon by clicking on the link below.

 Here is the thing about protein and fats and how they work in your body–protein and fats both contribute as anchors to blood sugar. With fat being the primary energy nutrient and protein being the secondary energy nutrient, these foods provide fuel for your brain to function optimally. Not only that, but they keep your blood sugar stabilized.

Provided your total caloric intake is in a healthy deficit, you will be in a prime fat oxidation state–aka FAT BLAST. This is what we refer to as the stable environment of the body. Controlling your blood sugar should be your primary goal in your eating–doing so prevents inflammation, boosts moods, and helps your body shed excess fat. Learn more in my book, The Power Foods Lifestyle.

Sign up for your Keto Delivered Box by clicking here–even if you’re not living a Ketogenic lifetyle, that’s okay! You’ll find lots of great new products that are LCHF (low carb high fat) and work very well with our Power Foods Lifestyle baseline of PVF (protein-veggie-fat) meals!

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