Staying in Keto While Dining Out

When following the Ketogenic Diet, it’s important to keep your foods low carb and high fat so you can be efficient in fat burn. But what happens to this cycle when you are dining out? How can you power yourself up to know what to choose, and keep your mind strong as well?

In Body Buddies Podcast Episode 222, Kristy Jo shares some few insights on how to keep it Keto when dining out.

  1. Know your restaurants

Taking your time to choose a restaurant will help you make your eating out experience enjoyable. You should plan ahead, look up menus online, and think through your different macronutrient groups to have a game plan.

Moderate protein (think chicken, beef, turkey, or eggs) with high fats (think avocado, olives, oils, and fatty meats), and plenty of leafy greens or other vegetables will always keep you on target.

You can also consider making special requests off a restaurant’s a la carte menu and enjoy your own Keto-compliant dish.

Scroll down and listen to the episode to hear Kristy Jo’s top recommended restaurants (16:27 start)

  1. Carry Keto compliant foods with you

Prior planning for your time away from home will help immensely as you find yourself faced with choices. Consider always packing and carrying some Keto-friendly snacks, food items, or drinks in your purse, diaper bag, or luggage. Taking pre-made meals or snacks with you shall help you keep on track because you can keep your nutrition requirements at your ideal without overthinking, or fighting through the laziness of decision fatigue.

Scroll down and listen to the episode to hear Kristy Jo’s top recommended foods to carry with you regularly!

  1. Have a Detective’s Eye

In case you are served more than you should consume (like an 8-12 oz. steak that you should only be eating 4 ounces of), ask for a to-go box and put the remaining portion under your chair. Scan your meal for unwanted carbs like chips, breaded items, croutons, etc. and remove them from your meal. Check any salad dressings or beverages for carbohydrates or sugars–your best bet is always with water.

Have you completed one of the Body Buddies 28-day Keto Challenges yet?

The strategic nutrition plans and recipes with ready-to-go lists and recommendations come in handy when it comes to making wise choices with meal plans. The meal plans in these Challenges help guide you with portion sizing, and train your mind to best recognize proper meal combinations.

It is, indeed possible to keep it Keto, even when away from home. Strategic nutrition and personal discipline will help to keep you on track, keep it Keto, and stay healthy.

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